Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for NSV's!

So everyone is starting to get their Thanksgiving posts up and I figured since I'll be busy with preparations to get this post out today.

First...I'm thankful for NSV's.  When the scale isn't moving, they keep us motivated but aside from that, aren't the Non Scale Victories really what this whole weight loss business is all about.  I know we obsess over numbers - onederland, BMI, Vanity Sizing, How fast we run a mile, etc.  But didn't we all do this for other reasons and even once we hit a milestone number, aren't we more grateful for what that number really represents?  For some, it's not needing that extender on the airplane, being able to fit in booths at restaurants or finally being able to ride roller coasters again.  For others, it's being able to walk 60 miles in 3 days without dying or being able to play with your kids and not be out of breath or finally feeling sexy again for your spouse.  It's these things that those of us who are losing weight are really longing for right?  So in the spirit of being grateful for these things, I had 4 NSV's this week that I thought I would share.
  1. Some long time followers may remember this post.  My hubby bought me a bracelet last year for Christmas and I was frustrated because it barely fit around my wrist.  I wore this bracelet two weeks ago and it moves up and down my arm now.  Fits like a dream and it's beautiful
  2. In that same post, I had bought a pair of Tinkerbell jammies, got home and found they didn't fit.  So sick of that happening.  I put these on last week and while they didn't look great...they fit.  I even used the pants for camping during my big walk.
  3. Yesterday morning, I was walking into work and I held the door open for the person behind me.  Turns out she's a colleague who sits just kitty cornered behind me.  She kinda gasped and said "Good morning! I didn't recognize it was you."  I'm taking that to mean my butt didn't look as big...whether she meant it that way or not.  I'm taking it.
  4. I have a white button down blouse that I stopped wearing last year because it was just too tight.  The buttons at the chest wanted to pop out and the shoulders looked like sausages stuffed into it.  I wore this shirt yesterday with room to spare.
While these are all good things...albeit small, they're not what I'm truly grateful for.  I'm grateful for husband, without whom I never could've done that walk or gotten the band or felt any amount of confidence in anything at all.  I'm grateful for my children.  Despite being royal pains some of the time, they're really good kids and they make my world go around.  I'm grateful for my family...despite not being the most supportive bunch, they have their when my sister walked the first five miles of the walk with me in spirit 9 states away.  I'm grateful I have a job in this turbulent economy and that we can feed our kids and put gas in the car and not worry about where we're going to sleep at night.  I'm grateful for this blogging community that allows me to vent, cry, laugh and get support 24/7. 

So...remember what Thanksgiving is all about.  While it is an American holiday, I encourage all those blogsters from around the world to take a minute and reflect on what you're thankful for on Thursday.  Not a bad practice to get into...


Patrick said...

Awesome NSV's. Number 3 is my fave on the list, so cool when others acknowledge your progress.

LDswims said...

Beautiful post!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Wonderful post!! Thank you!! You've brought a tear to my eye and gave me a smile with your terrific NSV's!!

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, my Friend! I am thankful for you! And I'll be thinkin of you while I'm wearing my Tinkerbelle jammies too!

Lyla said...

Great post-- you hit the nail on the head.

Barbara said...

Love these thoughts and that little peanuts cartoon.. have a good one!!!

Sam said...

Nothing small about those NSV's, they are all great :o) have a great Thanksgiving!

Rachel said...

Yes I think all your NSVs are great big ones that you should be very very proud of!!!

Patrick said...

I am thankful for so much, getting healthy in 2010 is near the top of my list behind family & friends.