Friday, November 26, 2010

Stuffed? Not Very.

Well, post Thanksgiving lethargy has kicked in.  How did I do?  Not too bad actually.  I ate half a plate of food ( a little bit of everything) and indulged in 2 slices of pie.  That was it.  Too much?  Yes.  Way less than years past?  Definitely.  I also did not take part in the second Thanksgiving dinner that always seems to occur at about 7:00 pm when people start getting snacky again.  I'm very proud of that.  So overall, I think I did pretty good.  It's definitely an improvement and to be honest, I'm not worried about holidays.  I think if I make good choices 85% of the time, I'll be in good shape. 

Dinner went off without a hitch which is great.  Hardly any leftovers which is even better.  The day was full of family and laughter which is really all it's about for me.

So I have to work today which sucks.  It's not a matter of boredom really.  I have plenty of work to do and enough to keep me busy until I go home.  It's that it's so darn quiet in here.  Far too few people for my tastes and when it's quiet, the day drags on forever.  My hubby is off which doesn't help matters because I much rather be home with him and my rugrats than sitting in this cube wasting away like a veal, doing trivial data analysis. 

I have also slacked the last two weeks on exercise.  Recovering from the walk and just generally needing a break from it.  Back to the grind on Monday...going back to my gym and step classes.  Actually pretty excited about it.

So there you have it.  Nothing too exciting at this point.  My daughter's 3rd birthday is this Sunday so will hopefully post pics on Monday.  Enjoy your (long, for some) weekend everybody!  I leave you with a funny...

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~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

I loved the cartoon!! And, I'm sorry you're at work today... That stinks.

I am so thrilled that you enjoyed your family for Thanksgiving - that is what it's all about. What you eat, how you eat it is secondary. I'm happy to hear you'll be back in the gym on monday!

Happy Birthday to your little one!! Have a GREAT weekend!!