Monday, November 23, 2009

Taste Test

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend! Mine was pretty uneventful. I host Thanksgiving so there was a lot shopping and cleaning but that's about it. We also took this weekend as an opportunity to taste test these Unjury protein powders to see which ones are bearable and which ones we'd rather just stay away from. Turns out they're really not so bad. I think after 6 months of anything - even if there are 5 flavors - you're going to be sick of it. My hubby says they taste a lot better than the old Optifast thing he did years ago. The chocolate is totally doable in milk and the chicken soup...while not my fav...probably will taste pretty good after days of the basic flavors. So while hubby is still not looking forward to 6 months of it (who would?!?!) he's encouraged that these drinks don't taste like poop. So last night, we ordered up a good month's worth of this stuff so he can start the Monday after Thanksgiving (we have to wait for them to arrive). We also discussed what would be the best way for me to support him in this. Obviously we all can't do a 6 month liquid diet. We threw out some ideas that maybe he'll want to go for a walk or something while the girls and I eat dinner so that he doesn't have to be around the food. The obvious one is to get all the bad stuff out of the house. He's a snacker so no chips, popcorn, etc. The girls still have their Halloween candy but I'm going to hide it.

So reaching out to all you bandsters...Since all of you have been on a liquid diet for at least preop...any suggestions on what I can do to help? Is there anything you wish your spouse/partner/roommate would have done to help you through it? I appreciate any advice or tips you can give me!

In case I don't get back on to post before T-Day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember all the great things we have to be thankful for this year!


The Dash! said...

Hi Manda,
Ooh that's a toughie.. how to help a spouse get through the liquid phase. I guess it boils down to trying to keep as much rubbish out of the house and keeping going out for food to a minimum. I did three weeks of liquids pre-banded but I have to say it's all a mental thing for the person doing it, too. You know what we get like.. it doesn't matter what the spouse says or does if we decide we are going to do something - good or bad - nothing will stop us. Just be there for him with encouragement etc. That would be the biggest help. :)

MandaPanda said...

Hi Cara - No rubbish, no eating out, and keep out of the way if he's on a tirade...Got it! Thanks!

Diz said...

I use the unflavored Isopure Whey Protein Isolate with zero carbs and zero calories. I can put it in anything, hot or cold, and it tastes like...well, it doesn't have a taste so soup tastes like soup, etc. I love it.

My husband has always supported me and told me I look beautiful, so the banding process was easy because he supports all of my efforts. I think just having an open mind and open ear because he'll talk your ear off about the whole thing, will help him immesurably.