Monday, November 2, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I know I promised I would post pics of my girls for Halloween and I totally will...tomorrow. Can't hook my camera up to this pc so it's gonna have to wait until I get home. They were adorable and got tons of candy...I have no idea what we're going to do with it all. Weekend was good and I got my second round of medical records. WAHOO! So that's 5 years baby! Now to just set the darn consultation appointment. *Sigh*

Moving on, I wanted to spend a little time telling you what I thought of the movie "Paranormal Activity." My husband and I used to be movie people...we saw anything and everything that came out in the theater. Then we had our we see maybe 4 movies a year. That being said, we try to pick our movies carefully since we don't get out that much. Since our date day was near Halloween, we wanted something scary and heard that this was just the ticket. *********Spoiler Alert*********** If you're planning on seeing this movie, you may not want to read any more. For everyone else, this movie is NOT scary! I'm sorry, but a big part of it is the"possession" of the main character where she gets up and stands by the bed, rocking back and forth and then going downstairs and sitting outside...all the while in this sort of catatonic state. BIG DEAL! Now to understand why this is not spooky to me...I'm a sleepwalker. I walk, I talk, I hit, I yell, I run around and, yes, I've even woken up outside not realizing how I got there. So I'm watching this thinking "Big deal. She's not possessed. She just has restless leg syndrome!" LOL. My hubby, however, now has serious doubts as to whether my issue is biological or supernatural in nature, so he may be sleeping with one eye open after this movie. hehe. Anyhoo, not a bad flick, especially since it was made for like $15,000 and it does have creepy moments and the end is good. If you're looking for a good scare, however, I recommend "Drag me to Hell" or go with a classic "The Exorcist."

That's my rant about the movie. Will definitely post pics soon. Happy Monday everyone!

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The Dash! said...

Happy Monday to you :) Glad you had fun at the movies