Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Picture Day!

I promised pics so here they are. I even included a couple of good faith that I won't break the internet.

My girls and I baking

 those were me. Now for the cute people...My girls in their costumes and hamming it up.

And finally, my hubby...isn't he sweet to put up with me?

Alrighty, so I'm a woman of my are posted. In band news, my husband heard from his boss (the doctor) who is working on this informational packet type thing with highly recommended surgeons, etc. Apparently, there's one really good group here in Phoenix from all of her research and she would recommend that one. She's supposed to be bringing the packet in for him today so hopefully I'll be able to do some research tonight.
Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!


Shell said...

I so want to see the house!!!

The Dash! said...

You have a lovely family - and you yourself have a beautiful smily face :)