Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting To Know You

Since my fellow bloggers are doing it, guess I'll do it too. (And yes, Mom, if my fellow bloggers went and jumped off a bridge, I would do that too)


Age: 28
Annoyance: People who don't use spellcheck, judgemental types and mommy wars
Animal: Dogs
Actor: Michael Vartan or the main guy from "The Mentalist" - they're just so darn cute!
Beer: Coors Original at home but Bud Light out
Birthday/Birthplace: June 27, 1981/ Rockford, IL
Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
Been in Love: Yes - still am
Been bitched at: Who hasn't?
Believe in yourself?: Working on it
Believe in God: Sure
Before weight: 225 lbs - unfortunately, still here

Car: 2000 POS Chevy Impala
Candy: Chocolate
Color: Marron or Blue
Cried in school: No
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Chinese/Mexican: Chinese
Cake or pie: Depends on occasion - I make great homemade pies
Country to visit: Italy, Beliz...anywhere but here

Day or Night: Night
Do the splits?: Definitely not

Eggs: Over Medium with toast
Eyes: Hazel

First crush: Scott Little - 8th grade
First thoughts waking up: Don't wanna wake up!
Food: Italian, chili dogs

Greatest Fear: Being a disappointment
Goals: To become healthy for my girls, To be more patient with everyone, To love myself and know that I'm good enough just the way I am
Get along with your parents?: Yep

Hair Color: Dark Brown with unnatural Blond highlights
Height: 5'1
Happy: Overall, generally speaking...
Holiday: Christmas
Health freak?: I wish!
Hate: Not feeling like I'm living up to my potential

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Instrument: Nope

Jewelry: My engagement/wedding rings
Job: Data Analyst (exciting stuff)

K- Kids: Yes, two girls. Madeline is 4 and Lorelai is turning 2 this month!
Kickboxing or karate: Nope, but if I were to do one, it'd be kickboxing...I think it would burn off aggression better

Longest Car Ride: 3 days cross country with a 6 week old
Love: It's all you need
Laughed so hard you cried: Oh yeah
Love at first sight: No but I believe in Lust at first sight (isn't that fun when it happens? be single again..LOL)

Milk flavor: Does milk come in another flavor other than chocolate?
Movie: Hmmm...I like them all but if I had to pick, Gone with the Wind, Galaxy Quest, My Best Friend's Wedding, Steel Magnolias
Mooned anyone?: Am I a guy?
Marriage: Yepperoo - 6 years this past August
Motion sickness? Through mountains
McD’s or BK: McD's

Number of Siblings: 1 brother 10 years older than me and 1 sister 8 years older than me...I'm the baby
Number of Piercings: 2 in each ear
Number: 10

One wish: To win enough money to get out of debt and not have to worry all the time.

Place you’d like to live: Somewhere with a milder climate and seasons (other than Hot and Hotter)
Perfect Pizza: I like simple - chicago style with sausage
Pepsi/Coke: Coke

Questionaires: Never do them...can't you tell?

Reason to cry: Do I need a reason?
Reality T.V.: The most evil thing to happen to television
Roll your tongue in a circle? Yes

Song: Anything I can sing along with (much to my husband's dismay)
Shoe size: 6 1/2
Salad Dressing: Ranch
Skipped school: Once
Smoking: Never
Sing well?: Eh - not as bad as some people who audition for American Idol
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

Time for bed: Depends on how bad my day was - anywhere between 9 and 11
Thunderstorms: Love them but they're too rare in Arizona
TV: It's always on in the background but don't actually watch much]

Unpredictable: I'm not but I wish I were

Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower
Vegetable you love: Asparagus or Brussel Sprout in low fat butter sauce (YUM)
Vacation spot: Sedona or anywhere with a beach

Weakness: Dessert or my girls (they can make me do anything)
When you grow up: Do I have to grow up?
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Shelly by far
Wanted to be a model?: Really?

X-Rays: Never

Year it is now: 2009
Yellow: The color my girls look best in

Zoo: Columbus Zoo or the one in Washington, D.C. - they both rock!
Zodiac sign: Cancer

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The Dash! said...

Cool! love these questionairs - thanks for putting yours up... it's a great way to 'get to know' you just that little bit better :)