Monday, November 9, 2009

Initial Consultation

So after much searching and research, my husband and I finally decided on the surgeon we would like to use for the surgery. Even though he has a pretty high program fee, we're going to make it work. I have called and scheduled our initial consultations for 11/19! The could get us in this Thursday but my oldest daughter got a fever yesterday and today so I want to save any extra time off this week in case I need to take her the doctor! I know I've still got the 6 months supervised diet to do but I'm hoping his office can help with that...if not, there's always the pcp. The question of the comorbidity is going to be the biggest thing though so we'll see. It feels good to get the ball rolling though! This doctor is so highly recommended but the initial consult seems REALLY short. They go over all the technical parts (the operation itself, etc.) at the seminar. Since I've already attended a couple of them w/different docs, the office says it won't be required that we go to this one. So the consultation is only 15 minutes and they start setting up the other appts we'll need - psych consult, nutritional consult, etc. I hope we like him...really don't want to have to find another one. Wahooo - feels like we're actually getting somewhere!


Dinnerland said...

You'll get there... it is a step by step progression and I wish you luck.
I LOVE Scottsdale... did you hear about a very bad fire on Via Linda in McCormack Ranch about a month back?
That was my parents' vacation place that went up in flames!!!! Yikes.

Anyway: I'll look forward to reading your journey, come visit me at Dinnerland... Vanessa

MandaPanda said...

Wow! Saw that fire on the news...sorry to here about your parents' vacation home. At least everyone was ok? I will definitely check out your blog. Take care!