Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why are you FAT?

Saw this question on LBT (LapBand Talk for those who might not know) and thought it was interesting...Why are you fat? The original poster makes the statement that there is usually an underlying cause as to being overweight than just not being able to control your portions. I think she's right but was shocked to see how many people responding had deep-seeded emotional issues stemming from abuse. It made me a little embarrassed when I started thinking about why I am fat. I was not sexually molested as a child. My parents' didn't send me to Fat Camp when I was 8. I didn't come from a broken home, an abusive home or had anything particularly traumatic happen to me. So I did some introspection, thinking that surely something just awful had happened to me to make me this way. Well, truth be told. Nothing did. I did this to myself. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm bored. I celebrate by eating. My whole family is this way. I love carbs! Give me bread, pasta, and chocolate!!!! I honestly believe that this is just how some of us are. We battle it - not because of some horrible repressed memory - but we became too complacent about our own health and living our lives! We got wrapped up in work, school, kids - just trying to survive in this society where EVERYTHING seems to revolve around how much money you have, how many possessions you accumulate, what kind of job you have - that we forgot one of the most fundamental parts about living...TO ACTUAL LIVE!!!

I, for one, am done being a spectator in my own life. I am going to take control of me again and be who I want to be and in the size body I want to be in.

Whew. That feels better. In other news...excited about the weekend. I took tomorrow off and my husband and I are having a date day. I'll post pics of my little monsters (aka children) in their Halloween costumes Monday. I love Halloween! A day where all the ghosts and goblins can walk among us and not be judged. I look forward to the Halloween where I get to dress in some sexy nurse's outfit and blow everyone away. LOL!

Happy Halloween Everybody!!


The Dash! said...

Hi there,
Saw you blog through Amy W's and thought I would check in and say I hope everything goes to plan. Look forward to reading more posts.
:) Cara

Debi said...

Hey there, I also saw your post in Amy W's blog and thought I would check out your site. I hope your records come soon, and you are approved for the Surgery quickly and painlessly. I am a Pre-Bander too, but my Surgery is scheduled for November 19th. Have fun on Halloween, can't wait to see the pics.

MandaPanda said...

Yay! My first comments...I never thought anyone would actually come read it. LOL. Thanks for saying hi ladies!