Friday, October 23, 2009

There once was a woman from Candyland.... first blog entry. I debated starting this blog for a number of reasons and they are as follows:
1. I've noticed that people who are good at blogging are REALLY good at blogging and those who are bad are REALLY bad and those blogs are painful to read. I'm hoping I'm not in this category.
2. While really opinionated in real life, I find it unlikely that anyone will really care about that opinion online.
3. I joined both Facebook and Myspace and after 3 weeks quit checking it, updating it, etc. so my follow through is somewhat lacking.
4. I'm not telling anyone but my husband about my lapband surgery and there is a chance that someone I know could possibly stumble across this blog someday and there goes the secret.
5. I'm not banded yet so I don't think I can provide much insight by way of advice for new (or old for that matter) bandsters.

However, I have decided to throw caution into the wind and even if no one ever reads this blog, I can simply use it as a journal and venting mechanism on my journey. So there ya go. So introduction to me...

I am 28 years old, weight 225 and I'm short...not munchkin short but 5'1" makes that 225 look and feel awfully squatty. I am married to a wonderful man who main mission in life is to make me smile. He is also overweight and says he's committed to getting the lapband. I use the phrase "says he's committed" because I'm not convinced but that a different post for a different day. I have two wonderful daughters, ages 4 and almost 2, and they are the light of my life and partly the cause of my weight gain in recent years. They are also the inspiration for my wanting to get healthy at this point in my life.

I work for a Credit Card Company...a couple things to note: I am not the one raising your rates, closing your accounts or calling you asking to buy stuff. I work in the Fraud Department trying to keep bad guys from stealing your identity. I don't talk to customers because overall, I don't like people. LOL. Not entirely true...I'm not just not that customer oriented and I'm beter at analyzing data than apologizing to people for something my company did to tick them off.

One last interesting tidbit...I'm a sleepwalker, talker, screamer, hitter. I've done this my entire life and I've determined that the reason I do is because I'm really a superhero but my conscious self doesn't know it and my subconscience doesn't want to scare my waking self with this epiphany. My poor husband witnesses most of these episodes while I am generally blisffully unaware by morning.

So this is a little bit about me. More about my band adventure to come.

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