Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Medical Records since my husband is dragging his feet, I've decided to start the process up again on my own.

I called Kinko's and got their fax number (I have access to a fax machine at work but I don't want everyone here knowing my business) and then put in the requests to my two doctors' offices to get my medical records for the past five years. I know that's pretty standard on insurance approval guidelines for WLS. So...who knows how long it is going to take to get them. My one doc's office is in Ohio and her office started giving me lip because I wasn't having it sent to another doc's office. I told them they were my records and I'm entitled to have a copy if I want a copy. The lady was like, "Our office policy is that we only fax records to another doctor." So I replied, "Would you prefer to fax them to my attorney? Those are MY records and I have every right to request they be sent where I want them sent." Now, truth be told, my "attorney" is my husband. He is an attorney and he could call and scare them with all kinds of legalese but, seriously? Just to get my records? This lady finally relented and and said that they'd fax them after they were done copying them. I don't quite get that either...why do you need to copy them to fax them? Why not just run the originals through the fax machine? WHATEVER!

So anyhoo, I feel good that I at least took that first step. My husband also assures me that I should have a list of recommended surgeons' names from his boss (reputable doc here in AZ) by the end of the week. Then I can call around the next week and see who we might want to go with. Since we're getting the list from my husband's boss, I know they will be reputable and experienced so that's a big weight off my shoulders, but I also want to know if a) they're good about helping you with all the insurance stuff and b) aggressive with fills. From everything I've researched, the fills are key to success with lapband and it seems that some docs seem to take FOREVER to get people to their sweet spots. I really want to hit my sweet spot in the first six months after surgery so I want to make sure the doc I go to isn't a wuss about it.

That's about it today...I promise I will post full length pic soon. I have them but I post mostly from here and can't download any of it on this pc. Stupid work...actually expecting me to work. hehe. Have a great Tuesday!

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