Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1 of Diet - Success/Obstacle

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very good...very mellow...and very yummy. So my husband started his liquid diet yesterday and he's doing great! I started my "giving up soda and beer in preparation for the band, start eating better, and drink all my required water" lifestyle yesterday. I am not doing as well. I have not had beer or soda and I really did try to eat better but my youngest daughter's birthday was this past Sunday and that stupid birthday cake was calling to me. Why didn't I send the cake home with my parents, you ask. Because my dad's diabetic and I thought that would just be mean. So instead, it sits in my house taunting me. So I had a slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream last night. But that's it. I'm going to give my daughters a slice tonight and into the trash it will go! So who wants to see pics from my daughter's birthday? I do! I do! we go. She turned 2 on Sunday and she loves teddy bears so we did a Winnie the Pooh/Teddy Bear type theme.

My hubby in Pooh ears...isn't he cute?

Yes...I put them on too

My oldest on the new trampoline we bought for her sister

The birthday girl with her hula hoop (which I could not do, btw)

Yes, I made the cake myself - I'm pretty proud of me. LOL

Blowing out the candle

It was a great day! The girls were happy and the little one really loved her special day. I officially don't have any babies in my house anymore! :o( This is something I've been coming to terms with. My husband and I do not plan on having any more children, but a part of me would still like another. One thing is the band...while I know you can get pregnant, take the fill out and have a baby, I just don't think I'd want to put my body through another pregnancy (I am a VERY crabby pregnant lady. LOL) especially if I've hit my goal. There's also the financial part. I really don't believe you should have kids if you can't afford them and right now, we live paycheck to paycheck. Not wanting large age gaps between the kids, by the time we could afford another, I'm not sure I'd want to start all over with a newborn. Aaaahhh...hmmm...all the things women ponder that men don't seem to think too much about. haha! My husband was just like, "Yeah. I'm done." MEN!

Anyhoo...hope everyone is doing well...I've been following along with the other blogs and some are struggling but all of you are truly amazing women who are doing such a great job and are such an inspiration to newbies such as myself. So big ol' thanks to you for sharing your lives with us AND thanks for the advice about my hubby. I've hidden away any not-so-great stuff to eat in the house and am being supportive like crazy. Have a great day!


Debi said...

I totally know what you are going through!! Before I was banded, it was hard for me to NOT eat what I wanted. So I did. Since I was banded a week before Thanksgiving, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to eat anything but potatoes.

But I was able to eat a small amount of turkey & ham as well! Not to mention some pie! I know, I know, we aren't supposed to eat anything you can't drink practically. But I did & had no problem. I will be talking about this on my blog later today, as to what the Surgeon told me yesterday!!

The Dash! said...

That pic of you with the ears.... (Oh man!!! Do I HAVE to wear them and get a photo taken??? is the look on your face.. Ok I will grin and 'bear' it...) lol sorry... your little girls are just beautiful and love your man with the ears too - he sounds like he's in a great frame of mind to start the liquids and you're both going to do just fantastic - but yeah, bin that cake!! ... and oh what a beautiful one you made. Astounding.. can you teach me how please? I'm the worst cake maker in the world!!

MandaPanda said...

That was exactly what I was thinking w/the ears! LOL! Cake went in the trash last night. Beautiful cake but after a few helpings, the poor bear looks like it was being slaughtered so best to put it out of its misery.