Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's Eve everybody!!!! I'm feeling much better today...I got over my little hurdle. I'm still feeling down about my weight but I am feeling that this year WILL be the year I can finally make the changes I need to make to get this weight off. Of course, I won't get my handy dandy tool to help me until at least July but that's OK. I have my 5 more months of supervised dieting to do (which I plan on getting back on track with right after this little holiday). I am SUPER psyched because my hubby and I are actually going out for New Year's Eve. We rarely get out and when we do, it isn't usually with each other. LOL. Two little kids and lack of babysitters can do that to you. But my SAINTLY mother has agreed to take the girls ALL NIGHT. They're having their own little New Year's Eve sleep over party which I'm sure they'll love and Ron and I got a hotel room so we can live it up without worrying about an hour's drive home. WAHOO!!!! On that note, here are some pics of my girls in their "casual" Christmas dresses. They have formal ones for portraits but they loved these. Aren't they cute?

My girls not wasting any time....

Maddie hamming it up

Lori helping Grandpa squeeze lemons (I know it's not a Christmas pic but it's so cute!)

My favorite...Lori looking up to her big sister...

So here's to you, my inspirational bloggers! And to a very happy, SKINNY new year!


Debi said...

You are doing great! And the time will fly by until your Surgery date!! Your girls are precious!

Have a great New Years Eve & a great New Year too!!


THE DASH! said...

Oh your girls are adorable!! Look at those smiles and how much your little one looks up to her big sister (that really warms my heart!!)

Manda, you have done great in 2009 and 2010 is going to just as exciting. I hope you had fun at your NYE do.. xxx

MandaPanda said...

Thanks ladies! Yep...they are my pride and joy. Hope you all had a fantastic New Year's!

carla said...

Juts read yoru blog and we have so much in common. Our starting weights and heights are alomst exact ( although you will prpbably weigh less after the 6 month diet ) and I am a sleepwalker too!! :-)
Anyway just wanted to say good luck on this journey. 2010 will be your year. Your energy will triple when you loose weight and you will be able to have fun with the kids without felling tired etc( I know that was a factor I really wanted to change as my son is 2 1/2).
Even after everythign I went through I would not change this for the world. I love my band ( lucy ) and she has helped me loose 46 pounds so far and will continue to help me on this journey.
take Care

MandaPanda said...

Thanks Carla! I would've thought that just chasing after my two girls would've caused weight loss, but I digress...