Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 in 2010!

Hello all and Happy New Year! So a very inspirational blogger listed all the things she's learned since being banded this year. She called in her 9 in '09. I thought that was a great idea. However, I haven't learned much that I care to share this year so instead,I'm going list all the things I hope to accomplish in 2010. (Does anyone else find themselves saying oh-10 like '09? I just can't stop! Anyhoo..) I want to be clear. These are not resolutions. Resolutions are almost meant to be broken. They have a bad connotation and I'm known for even worse follow-through. So they're merely goals. Things I want to do this year. So...with no additional ado...drumroll please...
MY TOP 10 FOR 2010!
1. Potty Train my youngest daughter
2. Get a book contract for my nonfiction piece
3. Lose 60 pounds (how many times have I made that resolution?)
4. Obtain and contribute to an actual savings account
5. Create a weekly budget
6. Stick to said budget
7. Walk 4 times a week
8. Leave a note for my hubby somewhere once a week where I can tell him why I appreciate him or just to say thank you for something he did.
9. Complete Couch to 5K (very cool program you can learn more about here...
10. Participate in the Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure (more info here...
The last one's a biggie! I'll go into more details about all of these at some point but just wanted to let y'all know where my mind's at these days! Happy Wednesday Everybody!


THE DASH! said...

Oh I love these!!

You have a book or story you're trying to get published? Been there done that.. I really hope you succeed!!! Good thoughts on this one happening for you. x

I love No. 8. Might do that one myself. I love my hubby to death and want him to know it. The note idea is a top one.

Good luck with your list and getting them done!! We are here cheering you on all the way.
Cara x

Lap Band Gal said...

love that list!

MandaPanda said...

Thanks ladies. Cara - it's a nonfiction book I WANT to write about night terrors in adults. From what I've found, there's only like 1 published book on the subject. Apparently in nonfiction, it all starts with a proposal so we'll see.

Barbara said...

Wow.. You have one heck of a the fact that you want to get published.. and what a topic.. yikes.. I think I will check out that couch to 5K as well.