Friday, January 8, 2010

I wish I had the guts to do it!

So a very inspirational bandster, Tully (hope she doesn't mind my posting her link and sharing her business) just up and quit her job. She's going to spend the next 3 months travelling and not worrying about what's waiting for her when she gets back. Some people may think it's nuts but I gotta tell you, I'm soooooooooo jealous!

Don't get me wrong. I love my life. I don't mean I love my job...I LIKE my job and I am somewhat motivated by it but I'm not all THAT passionate about it. I don't feel that it's something I'm MEANT to do with my life. But it pays the bills, I have a great boss and I'm not required to work all THAT hard. What I do love is my husband, kids, parents and friends. I know I'm very blessed in life, BUT...

Sometimes I just want to take off somewhere. As I'm driving into work some mornings, I have fantasies that I drive right past my exit on the freeway and just keep going. I head west to California and camp out on the beach. Not tell anybody where I'm going and not call every night to say night-night to the babies. Be on my own, meet new people and and just go wild and free! Then of course, after a few days when I'm missing my girls and hubby terribly, I'd be ready to go home. LOL. Seriously though, don't we all feel this way sometimes? Like we want to escape? I love being a wife and mother and don't even mind the fact that I need to be employed but sometimes I would just like to break free from the monotony that is my life. Same thing day in, day out. While the routine may provide comfort in a crazy and uncertain world, sometimes it can also create bars around our imaginations. Just a thought...

I can dream though. Good luck to Tully in all her adventures! I am hoping she keeps in touch as I can live vicariously through her. LOL.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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THE DASH! said...

I read Tully's entry to and was like.... FAR OUT!! She has just taken that bull by the horns and done what so many of want to but never will. I'm very envious that she's in a position to do it. We will commiserate together Manda.. and think about her having a wonderful time...sigh