Friday, January 29, 2010

Workout 2 and Bed News

Happy Friday to one and all!  Did my second Couch to 5K workout yesterday.  Alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking.  Not too sure why but it seemed harder this time???  I did it though.  I also ordered a pedometer/stopwatch watch type thingie (LOL) from amazon that should get here next week.  This way I'll actually know how far I'm going.  For right now, I go for 10 minutes and then turn around and take the same route back.  This way I know if the second half of my workout is on pace with the first half and that I'm not slowing down too much.  Last night I was 18 seconds off.  Took me 18 extra seconds to get home...that's actually not too bad I don't think.  It means I'm not slowing down a whole lot in my later "jogs."  I'll do the final workout of Week 1 on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll be ready to up the jogging by Monday.  We shall see. 

No big plans for the weekend here.  We're buying a "new to us" sleep number bed tomorrow.  Our current bed is AWFUL!  It slants down on one side and my poor hubby keeps sliding off of it so we're in desperate need of a new bed.  Finances are a little tight for a new bed, but luckily, a friend of mine is moving and has a barely used sleep number bed she's selling so I jumped all over it.  I love those things.  Not sure if they're global so for my Aussie friends, you can see a sleep number bed here.  You can adjust the firmness of each side of the bed so that married couples who don't have the same tastes can still get what they want.  It's freakin' awesome!  Anyhoo...very excited about that.  I'm hoping this helps with the joint and neck pains I've been having and I'll wake up a little more refreshed.  We shall see.  That's about it for me.  Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Amy W. said...

We bought a sleep number bed the day after I was banded! We bought it on QVC bc it came with 5-easy pay payment things. We love it so much!

JustLynda said...

My parents and my sister have a sleep number...they LOVE it!

Tamara said...

I hear great things about the sleep number beds.
I am going to start the Couch25K probably in a few weeks, after my wrist surgery. Good luck to you.
Hopefully, we'll do so good that we'll be running a marathon in no time, or a half marathon, or a half of a half of a marathon :)

THE DASH! said...

OOh a new bed - you're going to have a great time sleeping! Have a great weekend yourself!

Girl Bandit said...

Hi...I lost your sorry. New to this. Joined as a follower so never again. Congrats on the running. It is tough but rewarding.

Steph@SC said...

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