Monday, January 25, 2010

Cat's Out of the Bag

Well...sort of.  So I had been feeling guilty lately about not telling my mom about the lapband.  First she thought I was if that would be the worst thing that could possibly happen.  But alas, no 100 lb baby inside waiting to jump out.  Then I started thinking with all the doctor appointments and the Breast Cancer Walk I'm preparing for, she'd think I have some kind of cancer.  There were a number of reasons I wasn't telling her; Fear of not getting the support I have hoping for was one of them. Another was there's a good chance insurance won't cover it anyway so why get anybody worked up?  Boy was I wrong about the support. I told her on Friday and sure enough, she had already suspected something was up. She thought it was just my husband looking into it though so I think she was kind of surprised when I told her I was too.  She doesn't know a whole lot about the band so I did my best to give a very brief desription of what it is and what my insurance requires and all about this ridiculous 6 month diet I have to do.  Overall, she was great.  She simply said that if this is what I think will help, then go for it.  She also agreed not to tell anyone else and seemed to really understand why I didn't want others to know.  I gotta tell ya.  I feel a lot better now that she knows.  I hate keeping things from her as she really is the one person I can tell anything to.  Not to mention she is my emergency contact that doesn't live with me that you have to put on every form you ever fill out.  You would think your medical contact should know if you're going to undergo surgery, not to mention have something implanted IN you.  However, the cat is not entirely out of the bag as it's still a secret to most people.

So far, it's a pretty good Monday.  I had my compensation talk with my boss and not only did I get a promotion with a fairly decent raise in today's economic climate but also a cash bonus which never happens around here.  Very excited about that!

In other news, I'm starting my Couch to 5k program tonight.  Hopefully I don't pass out trying to jog.  I'm bringing my cell phone just in case. LOL.  I need some advice.  I need a good pair of shoes for this training but I seem to have a dilemma.  I'm training for a 5k run but ultimately will be doing a 60 mile walk in November.  I can only afford one really good pair of shoes.  So should I get running shoes or walking shoes?  Some of my internet research has led me to believe that running shoes would probably be best as more technology and money go into those for your foot type but I'm looking for any input that might point me in the right direction.

I think that's about it. Overall, great week so far.  I hope all of you are getting off to a good start as well.  Have a great week!


Lynda said...

My sister and I did the 3-day a couple of years ago. We both wore Brooks Walking Shoes for Women. Be prepared...they are UGLY!--but, I didn't get a single blister through all of training or the walk itself.

I don't know if they'll be any good for running.

THE DASH! said...

I think its brilliant that your mum is so supportive. Sometimes they surprise us (those who we thought we couldn't tell and do) and they give us a great reception. Same thing happened with myself and my Sister in Law just recently. I told her (8 months later) and she was great about it - really interested. Just goes to show, huh?

Congrats on the promotion too! Excellent.

Fat Bastard said...

It is good to have your mother on board, huh? I feared that I would have some critics in my family too, but oddly enough, everyone was very supportive. Congrats on the promotion.

carla said...

Thats awesome that your mum was so supportive...It will be great to be able to share this journey with her!!!