Thursday, December 17, 2009

Minnie Mouse Adventure

OK...this isn't band related at all but I had to share my story. My oldest, Maddie, who is 4 years old has been prattling on about a giant stuffed Minnie Mouse (pic to left to give you idea of size) they sell at Sam's Club. For the last two months, every time we go, we have to go see Minnie. At Thanksgiving, she told a friend of mine that she wanted it for Christmas. My hubby and I, however, decided that with our current financial situation, we would not be spending $60 on a stuffed giant Minnie Mouse that we do not have room for. So after making gingerbread houses on Sunday (will post pics soon), Maddie wanted to write a letter to Santa. So we get out a piece of paper and crayons and my hubby starts helping her (she's getting good at writing letters) so he helps her spell Santa and then asks, "So what do you want him to bring you?"
Maddie: "Minnie Mouse" so they write Minnie
Ron (Hubby): "What else."
Maddie: "That's it."
Ron: "You don't want anything else?"
Maddie: "No. Minnie and whatever else he wants to give me is fine." Then she says...get ready for it... "OH! I want him to bring Lori (her sister) a microphone!" So my heart's melting right now. So I send Ron off to Sam's Club to buy Minnie. We live 20 minutes from the closest Sam's Club. They're sold out. Every Sam's Club in a 40 mile radius is sold out. So I get online and figure I'll just order it that way. Nope. It's over $100 everywhere. I didn't realize Sam's Club had such a good deal. Ron ended up driving over an hour to get this Minnie Mouse. Sheesh. Things we do for our kids. He says it's taking up his whole trunk. Poor guy. But what a great dad. Just had to share.

Band news: First monthly weigh in an hour. Ron has been doing great on the liquid diet. I'm just hoping I didn't gain anything. Too many holiday goodies I'm afraid. If I gained even an ounce, my 6 months starts over. Wish me luck. Happy Thursday everyone!

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Debi said...

Kids are the greatest. Yes, they can really surprise you when you least expect it too. So glad that Ron was able to locate a Minnie for your Maddie! She will be thrilled to death.

Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

Happy Holidays