Friday, August 7, 2015

Week in Review

I had a productive week overall and am feeling good about it.  My eating was pretty much on target (tried new Italian restaurant last night and I know I ate a bit too much but it was delicious so I don't regret it).  For the most part, my meals looked like this:

I took a pic next to the mouse so you could get an idea as to the size of the plate.  This is left over meatloaf, jalapeno hummus and carrot chips.  I had a few carrots left over.  
I also took an opportunity this week to organize my pantry and under the kitchen sink.  It was to the point where things were falling and I couldn't find anything.  It was just a wreck.  I wish I would've thought to take "before" pics but I'm not that smart.

Some things you learn when you organize a pantry...
  1. I have about a million yards of aluminum foil.
  2. I have way too much maple syrup that all expires in about a week so the kids are going to be eating LOTS of pancakes.
  3. As someone who doesn't bake often, I have too much baking STUFF.  
In other news, my daughters did well enough during the competition season to earn a spot on the Wall of Fame in the gymnastics gym.  They're so excited.  I snapped a pic of the wall but had an awful glare on Maddie's pic.  Oh well.

Next week Preview:  I return to the gym...

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Shelley said...

That entire post full of awesomeness, and all I can focus on is how you hung your spray bottles under the sink...what an excellent idea!