Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 40 Weigh In

PreOp Diet Weigh In: 226
Surgery Day Weigh In: 218.5
Day 40 Weigh In: 205.5
Change Since Last Week: -2

Another 2 lbs down and officially 20 lbs down from presurgery weight!  Very happy about that.  The family and I went camping over the weekend.  This is not my favorite activity.  Don't get me wrong.  I like the outdoors.  I like hiking, kayaking, nature walking, the beach...the works.  But I also like air conditioning and my bed.  A LOT.  But the kids and Hubby love it so I sucked it up.  I did indulge in s'mores, about 3/4 of a hot dog, some chips and a muffin top.  But still 2 lbs down.  So loving it!

And so it is Monday...  Maddie had an orthodontist appointment today.  I can't get over how expensive these braces are but it went well...we're seeing good movement and she'll most likely be getting her bottom braces on before the end of the year (she only has top ones so far).  Hubby has a job interview tomorrow in Savannah (2 hours away) so it'll just be a girls' night tonight.  I hope the interview goes really well.  He's pretty miserable in his current position so fingers crossed they offer him the job.  We would definitely have some logistics to work out but I think it would be worth it.

I don't find camping relaxing.  I'm absolutely exhausted today and have a fully packed week ahead of me.  But I'm looking on the bright side and always searching for that happy place.


MaryFran said...

Kudos for doing the camping in the first place. :-). I am solo not a 'get dirty and not have a nice hot shower close by' girl!!!!

Beth Ann said...

Gosh, I leave for just a bit and you lose 10% of your body weight! Go girl! So happy you are happy!!

Amy W. said...

Camping is only relaxing if you are not the person in charge of making camping run smoothly. Heather and I went once...just for a night...and I had the back of her truck loaded up like we were the beverly hillbillies! You have to pack so much stuff to make sure you are prepared...I blame my mother and girlscouts for this one...and then after the camping fun is over...SOMEONE has to pack it up and clean it all up.

Bonnie said...

I was proud of myself for hiking around Busch Gardens, but I went back to an air conditioned hotel at night - and it had a bar. :) Love your pics.

Rhonda said...

How great to be out living life and still seeing scale movement - I miss those days! Love the camping pics!