Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First NSV and A Look Back

NSV #1: I grabbed a pair of jeans out of my dresser yesterday and they were size 16 and fit.  They're a little snug in the thighs but zipped right up and I could button them with ease.  I can't wait until I can wear the rest of my wardrobe again.

Sometimes to see how great things are, you need to look back.  The nice thing about this blog is it goes back aways...So sit back, imagine hearing the doodle-doodle music and the wavy lines as we take a trip through time and compare where I was then to where I am today.  Updates are in purple.

1) If you had 3 wishes, what would they be and why?

  1. Out of debt - Holy Cow!!!  We haven't used credit for anything in years but it still feels like we're drowning. We have been debt free for a couple years now and actually have money in a savings account!
  2. That I could give my girls everything they want in life...not just money but activities, confidence, the absolutely best educations, encouragement, self esteem, healthy lifestyles...the list goes on and on.  We have! The girls are in gymnastics and swim and the little on wants to try soccer.  We live in the best school district in the state and they know they're awesome.  And so weight issues for either!

3. If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future - what would it be?
Currently, that I'm approved for my surgery, all goes well and I lose a bunch of weight.  On a day where I'm not so consumed, that we have made it out of debt, own our home and my kids are playing with their friends in our HUGE backyard. I was approved for lapband surgery and for lapband removal and for revision to sleeve.  I DID lose a bunch of weight and then gained a bunch of weight and am losing weight again.  I have made it out of debt, we own our home and the kids play often with their friends in our FRONT yard and at the neighbors' houses and in the street and ride their bikes and all that other wonderful stuff kids do.  

9/2/10 - 10 things i like
Dogs - I'm a dog person.  Don't have any of my own yet (we rent - waiting to buy before we get a puppy) but I think they're just so sweet and ask very little of their human family except for love and treats.  I have two pups is 2 years old and the other 9 months and we have a fenced in yard so they can run.

I'm ready to leave AZ.  I'm tired of not having seasons.  I want to move somewhere where leaves actually change colors and you need a coat in the winter and it's not 75 freakin' degrees at Christmas!  I know tons of people love this about AZ but I'm just tired of it. This summer really just got to was just too hot for too long and I've had it.  Not to mention the fact that Phoenix has just gotten too big for my tastes.  I'm a smaller town girl...I'd like to actually meet my neighbors and maybe have some couple friends to hang out with.  Is that so much to ask for????  Blah!  We moved to Florida in December 2012.  And we actually do have seasons here in Jacksonville.  It's humid as all get out and it does get really hot but we get storms and weather.  There are a few freezes every winter and we actually have to wear jackets and gloves some mornings.  It's a smaller town, I know my neighbors and the kids can even play outside with friends without (too much) worry.  

My brother in law had his surgery yesterday and the outcome is not good.  The tumor had already spread throughout his brain and it is malignant.  I don't know the name of the type of cancer it is but it's very bad and there isn't much they can do.  Radiation will only prolong his life, not save it.  The doctor is giving him 6 months to a year to live.  Apparently, it's the same kind of cancer Ted Kennedy had and he made it 10 months.  My brother in law is still alive, he's still working and even coaches his daughter's softball team.  He's defied the odds and they've made wonderful memories the last 5 years.  They just took him off chemo because it was causing kidney failure so we'll see what happens from here.  

All these things that seemed frustrating or awful at the time have worked themselves out.  All these obstacles and concerns have been addressed.  Do we still have problems?  Of course!  Everyone does and they change depending on where you are in life.  It helps to see that it doesn't matter what those problems are.  They can be overcome.  It may take A LOT of effort on your part or no effort at all in some cases.  But things can get better if you just keep trying and keep the hope.  


Amy W. said...

It is wonderful to be able to look back through your own blog. Some things I have no recollection of!

Congrats on your pants fitting. That is one of the best parts of losing weight I think...fitting into things you already own!

Theresa said...

This is very nice, congratulations on all that you have accomplished!

Amanda Kiska said...

This is so cool! I wish I had a wish list to look back on like this. Very cool! said...

Fitting into your "skinny" clothes is awesome post op but having to buy new smaller "skinny" clothes is priceless. You'll get there sooner than you can imagine. I hope you are loving your sleeve.