Friday, August 14, 2015

Week in Review 8/14/15

This has been a tiring week despite not doing a whole lot.  The kids are back in school so we're trying to find a routine that works for us.  I learned a couple things as the first week of school drew to a close:

  • Some parents are crazy lazy.
    • Let me elaborate on this one.  My girls are taking a bus to school this year.  The bus does not come into the neighborhood and instead picks up the kids at the entrance to the neighborhood.  We are pretty much the furthest from the entrance as you can get.  We are the ONLY ones who WALK to the bus stop.  Every other parent drives their kid to the bus stop and then drives home.  It's not even like they are their way to work or something.  I just find this insane.  We're the furthest and it's .4 miles to the bus stop.  That isn't THAT far.  If my fat ass can walk down their with the kids, so can yours.  So, of course, my little one (she's almost 8) asks why I won't drive them to the bus stop like the other parents.  I looked at her and said "Because it's just laziness.  There's no reason to drive to the bus stop."
  • Some parents are just crazy.
    • Most of the parents think I'm nuts because 1) I'm letting the kids walk home by themselves and 2) I don't actually stand there and wait for the bus to pick the kids up before walking home.  My oldest is in 5th grade.  I was staying home ALONE by the time I was in 5th grade.  And it wouldn't be so awful for my kids to walk home alone (it's just residential...they don't have to cross a street or anything) if YOUR kids were walking too instead of you picking them up.  And all you other drivers are causing a hazard with your line of cars waiting for the bus.  I walk the kids to the bus stop in the morning because I don't trust them to keep up the pace necessary for them to get to the stop on time.  But once we're there and there are 20 kids and approximately 30 parents, I see no reason to stay to make sure they actually don't go wandering off away from the crowd (they know better) and to get their butt on the bus.  They know if the bus doesn't come, they're supposed to walk home and get me.  I don't see what's so difficult here.
  • I've been walking 2 miles a day this week!  
    • Doing the math of .4 miles to the bus stop and I've taken them and picked them up for the first week, I've been walking almost 2 miles a day!  It feels good using some of those muscles again and the dogs are loving it!
My food has been pretty on target with a few exceptions.  The portions look good.  They've been looking like this (before and afters):
I ate the chicken but left a little rice.  Keep in mind, this is a small plate, not a dinner plate.  And those are my pups begging for food.  :)

Chicken on top of half a potato.

My girls love smoothies but I made way too much so decided to have one too.  I would say I drank about 4 ounces of it before I was full.  Ingredients:  Spinach, frozen mixed berries, 1 scoop banana protein powder and a little green tea.
I did NOT go back to the gym as I had planned.  As I've been walking the girls to school, I realized my shoes are no bueno.  I've got blisters all over my feet!  I'm buying a new pair this weekend so that should help.

Weekend plans including a camp out Saturday night.  I'm not big on camping.  I love the IDEA of camping but not so much the sleeping in a tent thing.  Then Sunday we have a cookout in the same state park with Hubby's coworkers.  I just hope the weather holds out.

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2 comments: said...

Kids should walk and do other exercise. Lazy begets lazy. Keep up the good example, mama.

Rhonda said...

People drive to the bus stop in our apartment complex - it boggles the mind. I end up dropping them off every morning, since I leave for work at 7:00 am, and they get up there early to eat breakfast.

We only live about 0.7 miles to their school, but you have to cross two major streets to get there, and I'm too nervous for them to walk that alone just yet (to or from)... but they are really chomping at the bit.