Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Won A Giveaway! And Other Stuff...

First, I wanted to thank Stephanie at Dreams of Skinny High Heels for hosting the Gotein Giveaway.  Of course I finall actually win something and could it be the lottery?  Of course not...I win protein but that's alright because I can always use some protein on the go even if ain't the best tasting stuff in the world.  So thanks Stephanie!

Second, I wanted to thank everybody for the positive reinforcement yesterday, especially about the dress.  I've never taken a picture of me in a dressing room before but I noticed a lot of you bloggers do it and I decided that sounded like a good idea.  PLUS you get to see what that article of clothing looks like in a picture because we all know dressing room lighting can be tricky.  One of the best tips I've picked up from y'all.

Third, I stuck to my water goal yesterday and I also ate fairly well.  One of my unsaid goals was to only eat what I bring to work during the day and I did that but then I had some watermelon at my parents' house when I picked up the girls.  But hey...better watermelon than more rice krispy treats right?  I also brought my coffee to drink yesterday and today so I'm Sbux free so far this week.  It's amazing how quickly morning coffee at Sbux can become a habit.  Very scary.  I think I need another fill already.  This last one just didn't seem to do a whole lot.  I'm going to call the doc's office this week or next and try to get in the week of the 30th.  That will be one month from the last fill which the doc said would be about right.  No time to get in before that anyway.  I also packed my gym bag for the day.  Honestly I'm not feeling it but if I can just keep up my motivation long enough to show up, then I'll be alright.

Some have asked what I've got going on for my birthday.  Well, truth be told...not a whole lot.  I wanted a HUGE party to mark my 30th.  It's a milestone after all but then decided that was not fiscally responsible at this time.  Also, my birthday is somewhat overshadowed by my daughter's.  Hers is the 24th; mine is the 27th.  The year I had her, I was asleep in the spare bedroom because I had fallen asleep during one of her late night feedings and my husband came in with a present and I asked what it was for.  He said "Your birthday."  I answered, "It's my birthday?!?!"  So yeah...hasn't been a big deal since approximately 2005.  So for my daughter's big day, Friday we're doing dinner, cow cake and presents with my parents.  Saturday it's anywhere she wants for lunch and then the circus!  She's never been before so I think that'll be really exciting. And then Sunday it's hanging out with friends who have daughters my girls' ages who they get along with really well...either doing a kids play thing or waterpark or movie or something.  A full birthday weekend for my girl. For my birthday on Monday, it's probably more cow cake and then on July 2nd, my hubby has my birthday present planned which is apparently doing something very early in the morning.  Then we may do a very nice dinner and a night out sometime in mid-July.  This week is completely devoted to cow cake mania (my hubby molded a cow out of rice krispy treats and it looks awesome!) and getting the presents together as I have not bought ANYTHING yet.  Whew.  Between Father's Day, the birthdays and July 4th, this time of year gets a little crazy around our house.

So there ya go.  That's my life in a nutshell right now.  I know the hum drum of the working mother is just uberfascinating, eh?


~Lisa~ said...

I love how uberfascinating you are!! Great job keeping on your goals - I do need to get more water in! As far as S'bux goes, I never go into the place, it is like coffee crack heaven! I get bags of Italian Roast S'bux coffee at Cost*o which feeds the beast!

I can't wait to see the cow cake!!

Leslie said...

The cow cake sounds like it is going to be SUPER cute. Can't wait to see it.

You should do something special for your Birthday. Even if it's just a small little something. :)

Ronnie said...

Rice krispie cow cake? *shakes fist at you* I just so happen to have rice krispies and marshmallows and now I think I might have to make some treats. :/

Kristin said...

Hey, congrats on the giveaway! Let us know how you like those bars.

GIrl, you deserve a birthday. Even if it's just what you want for dinner and homemade cards from your daughter and husband. Take back the day!!! ;)

Happy birthday to you and your daughter!