Thursday, June 16, 2011


That's about all I can say about yesterday. answer some of the requests for recipes for tzatziki and chicken burgers...So I didn't mean to mislead anyone but my dinner the other night was not a made-from-scratch situation.  Knowing I was going to the gym, I had to have a quick, easy meal to prepare (my kids go to bed by 8 and we didn't get home until 6).  So the chicken burgers, we bought at Sam's Club precooked and frozen.  I think the brand is Owk or something like that.  They're all natural so no nasty chemicals or anything.  They come 8 to a box and you just have to heat them up.  The tzatziki came from Trader Joe's (a low fat version - not sure if they all are), the veggies in cheese sauce were just your standard frozen (Picsweet I think?) and the strawberries...obviously are strawberries.  So all store bought, prepackaged kind of stuff but all natural and healthy.  Just goes to show that quick, easy "convenience" meals can still be healthy and nutritious.  And to answer Lisa's question:  Tsatziki is a Greek sauce (fantastic on gyros or shawarma) that's yogurt based and usually has cucumbers, garlic, salt, some olive oil and a few other ingredients in it.  I've never made it myself but love, love, love it!

On to yesterday's eating though.  Not nearly as impressive the day before.  What did me in was the meat and cheese tray someone brought into work.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I had eaten the meat and cheese without the crackers but I didn't.  What makes this even worse is that I wasn't hungry, I knew I wasn't hungry but I just wanted it so I ate it.  Then I had dinner with a friend that included bratwurst (with half a bun), onion rings and a margarita.  Ugh.  It tasted good but wasn't a great choice.  Even though I ate less than I would have in the past, it was still just so bad.  So for whatever reason, my motivation was lacking yesterday.  I just didn't make the right choices, KNEW I wasn't making the right choices but went ahead and made those choices anyway.  I have no excuses nor reasons why...wasn't feeling particularly emotional or stressed or anything.  It just shows how vigilant it seems we have to be ALL the time in order to be good MOST of the time.  Did that make sense?

So dinner with my friend was really nice.  We only see eachother every couple months so it's always nice to catch up.  She goes climbing at a rock gym fairly often and has invited me to come along.  I think we're going to try it next week.  I've never done it before so I'm pretty excited.  This was something I specifically wanted to do when I was heavier but didn't because I was afraid the harness wouldn't fit around me.  No worries about that now.  I also think if I like it, it'll be a good way to work on strength training for my Mud Run in September.  We shall see.

So I found a cow cake for inspiration for my daughter's birthday and I think it'll turn out really cute.  I will definitely post pictures after to show off my skills.  LOL.  The plan for the weekend is some birthday planning for my daughter (still have to figure out what I'm doing for mine), gym tomorrow, zumba and starbucks Saturday (assuming I don't have any today or tomorrow), more unpacking and organizing our den, probably swimming with the girls, shopping for a couple new shirts for work (most of mine are just too big which make them look kind of sloppy) and general family time.  What an exciting life I lead.  So...until next week, here is our Thursday Tickle:


Amanda said...

Mmmm... Tsatziki Sauce! Really easy to make too! Variation on an easy meal: do chicken, turkey...what ever frozen meatballs and tsatziki. That is exactly what I had last night!

Mmm...margs and onion rings! Mmmmm. I am pms ing. food sounds great right now! All kinds!

Stephanie said...

Email me if if you want to know how it tastes! i was trying to be diplomatic:)

Ronnie said...

Yums, bratwurst and onion rings sounds amazing. *drools* I'm such an enabler. :( It isn't the worst thing you could eat, definitely.

I might have to try those chicken burgers with that sauce, that sounds yummy and low cal... which I need.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I've been like that for a couple of days now, I know I shouldn't have something, but I do it anyway, oy!

~Lisa~ said...

I would love to try climbing - hopefully will do that one of these days, soon!!

Thank you for the explaination of tsatsiki sauce!! It sounds absolutely yummy and I am for sure going to look for some!! Thank YOU!!!

I can't wait to see the cow cake! I love cows!!

Rachel said...

Yes, like Lisa, I want to see a pic of the cow cake! I love party planning for my kids!