Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stools & Easter Pics

Not that kind of stool...sickos.  So most of you probably know Fluffy at Losing the Fluff.  There's her link if you don't.  She's like a superstar who I never knew existed until just a couple weeks ago.  Anyway...she has this amazing post that explains how she needed a good balance of diet, exercise and the band to be successful.  She provided this visual which I thought was pretty great (hence the stool).

This analogy just really struck me.  For some reason, seeing it in this context just drove the point home to me.  I suppose the 3 prongs or 4 prongs if you prefer to have a table or something can be anything you want it to be...exercise, lap band, support, diet, meditation...whatever combination you need to be successful.  And if you don't keep it all in balance, it topples over.  I honestly believe she nailed the 3 I need.  So far, my lap band has been doing most of the work.  Yes, I worked out.  And yes, I'm using past tense because I haven't been in almost a month (Bad Panda!).  Yes, I try to make better food choices but I still need A LOT of help in this area.  I know to the second half of what I want to lose, I need to step it up.  I think my stool looks something like this right now:

There's just too much weight on the band leg.  It's not toppling over yet...just wobbling unsteadily.  I need to get back where I need to be.  I need to CONSISTENTLY make the better food choices and CONSISTENTLY be active.  I think choosing my challenge will help get me back to the gym and back on the exercise train.  The food...that's just going to have to happen.  Starting tomorrow.  I know that's typical excuse fare right there but truth be told, we've already taken hotdogs out for dinner and I have more time than money at the moment.  Tomorrow morning's starting with a healthy breakfast and reasonable lunch.  I can steady my stool.  I get it back on solid ground.  I can do it!

And now for Easter pictures....


Amanda Kiska said...

Beautiful girls!

Sounds like a great plan (although you know I'm going to say that there's nothing wrong with eating a hot dog every once in a while. all things in moderation...)

Patrick said...

Great visual reference with the stool, I may steal that someday.

I know you can level out the stool here and get on with your goals that lay ahead.

~Lisa~ said...

Great poat! And wonderful pivtures! Thank you for sharing BOTH!

Gen said...

Girls are adorable. I am so convinced that exercise is key. Great post!

Fluffy said...

Glad you enjoyed the stool analogy! : ) Your girls are adorable! Thanks for reading and commenting so much on my blog.

Phil said...

Good point, nicely made....the visual reference says it all. You are so right about the need for us all to strike the right balance and be consistent in doing so. I agree with Gen above that exercise is the absolute key to long-term success - combine that with healthy eating (allowing room for the occasional treat) and you got a winning formula.