Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fill Appt & Other Stuff

What a hectic week at work!  None too happy about it.  It has seriously interfered with my blogging time... darn employment. 

I have an appointment with the lapband doc today.  We'll see about getting a fill.  Not sure I really need one.  Seems like when I eat the right stuff, I stay pretty satisfied...maybe just a small tweak is needed.  We'll see what he says.  I'm also hoping the ultrasound results are in as well.  The ultrasound itself went fine but of course, the tech doesn't tell you anything.  I did see the little balloon shaped thing on the screen and it looked fine to me (unless it's not supposed to be balloon shaped) but then again, I'm not a doc.  The tech said the results would be sent to the doc the next day (Wednesday) so I figure they should definitely have them by my appointment today.  Keeping fingers crossed that the gallbladder is fine and doesn't need to come out.  Does anyone else feel like they're cramming for a test when they go to their lapband doc?  Like..."OMG...I shouldn't eat or drink anything today so that I'm as light as possible by the time I go in for my appointment."  And I start rationalizing to myself why I'll weigh more there than at home..."I normally weigh first thing in the morning, all nekked and what not..and this is in the afternoon with full clothing...of course I'm going to weigh more."  Silly I know.

Hubby and I are officially on the lookout for a new house to rent.  We moved to the boonies back in 2009 and we are ready to move back to civilization.  With hubby's surgery scheduled May 31st, we're hoping to move the weekend prior.  I have that entire week off of work to help him with recovery and what not so I can also get a good bit of unpacking done then as well.  Here's keeping my fingers crossed that some benevolent landlord sees past our foreclosure and slight behindage (I like that word) on school loans and will rent us a decent place.  I admit I'm a little worried about it.  I'll obsess over this until we move because that's just the way I am. 

Incidentally, I'm turning 30 in June.  A few days after my birthday is when hubby will be able to eat solid food again so I'm thinking we'll celebrate the weekend after that.  The question is what to do.  I'm up for, bar, karaoke?  Money is tight so it can't be anything we have to shell out a whole lotta dough for.  We were thinking Vegas but that goes back to the whole money thing.  Any suggestions?

Last but certainly not least... I need a new challenge.  For some reason, I am unable to go to the gym if the only reason I'm going is to be healthy.  I know this is twisted but it's the only explanation I can come up with as to why I haven't been to the gym since my 5k.  I think I need to be working TOWARDS something.  Right now, I have a vague goal about running a 10k in October.  I'm not really sure I want to (the more I run, the more I realize I'm not a runner.  LOL).  But I need something specific and highly motivating.  I thought about a stair climb similar to what a couple of other bloggers have done.  I'm not sure where I would do that and I'm also not so sure I COULD do that.  I huff and puff after just 2 stories.  Hmmm... something to ponder.  I'm open to suggestions on this one.  Any thoughts as to a good physical challenge that will motivate me back to the gym?

Hope everyone's having a good week.  I found a couple new bloggers (new to me, anyway).  Go check them out!  There's Manda and Dianne.  Hope y'all are having a fabulous week...tomorrow's Friday!!  And everything seems better on Friday...


Amanda said...

Moving too??!! Lots of bloggers in the throws of moving! Good luck with finding a great place!

I know what you mean. I need another challenge too. I need some motivation. I have noon right now! Grrr

30th birthday! Leslie did a mustache party for her husband! I thought it was a cute idea...great pictures! I think I might do the same thing for a girls night! Everyone must come with a mustache either painted on or something of the like!

Jen said...

Ha about cramming for a test before going to the DR!!! I used to do that all the time when I was still going to the dr pre-pregnancy.. to be honest, I still do it with my OB visits!!! I hate the damn scale these days!!

Where you guys moving to? We really should plan a meet up sometime considering we are in the same general vicinity!!

30? such a youngen!! I'm turning 40 this year and am totally wanting to plan a big extravaganza.. for the past couple of years I've gone to Mexico for someone's 40th but we are skipping mine this year since I'll have a newborn :(.. so I'm thinking big party at my house instead!!!

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie said...

Hope you have a good appointment with your doc.

Unfortunately, I don't have any great insight on a challenge. Even if I have a challenge, it doesn't matter because I don't like working out myself. Luckily I have my daughters and sometimes my hubby (he works a lot) to go to the gym with or I'd never get there.

Good luck with finding a place to rent. I know how you feel. Hubby and I don't have the best credit because we fell behind years ago when he started his own business.

My 30s were a great decade and my 40s are even better.

Dawnya said...

For your birthday I say dinner and dancing!! You will get a great meal and a great workout. It should be fun!! I don't remember my birthday I was totally Vegas. LOL

Rachel said...

I'm happy to read your posts and your comments...I can relate with employment getting in the way of blogging!!! I've been busy at work and its nice to read everyone's blog updates...Your physical challenges for yourself have really motivated me!!!! For this reason I love your blog. While the kids went swimming this week at the recreation center, I was working out and thinking about how you push yourself.