Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh In 4/25/11

Weigh In. 174.5.  -2 from last week.  Certainly can't complain about the steady losses, can I?  I still feel guilty that I haven't made it to the gym but then again, apparently not guilty enough to pack my gym bag this morning and make it there tonight.  I expect this to be a lot easier when we move closer to the gym but it's really just an excuse and I recognize that.  My goal in the next two days (before Wednesday, my next normal workout day) is to find my next challenge.

You may also notice that I'm only 4 lbs away from my birthday goal.  I set a goal to lose 18 lbs by my birthday (June 27th).  I'm not changing this goal just because I should hit it with ease.  I'm just going to be very proud of myself if I hit it early.  LOL.  IF I ever make it back to the gym, this shouldn't be a problem.

Easter was nice and mellow this year.  It was just the four of us, no extended family came over.  We didn't even have our traditional ham dinner.  We had filet mignon instead with arancini (I'll provide a recipe for this at some point - delicious!), mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.  Delightful!  My band was super tight on Saturday...couldn't eat breakfast, lunch or even soup that I attempted at dinner.  I think my morning PB aggravated everything and made the rest of the day a wash.  By Sunday, I was able to eat 1/4 blueberry muffin, some chips with dip and a few bites of everything at dinner.  I must learn to take it easier after PB episodes.  I think that's why Saturday was so bad...I'm not babying my band enough after I struggle.  Anyway, Easter pictures should be posted sometime this week.

NSV!  I went shopping over the weekend.  No Amanda, I still have not bought a belt.  Maybe next time...I know, I know...I'm a wuss.  What I did buy was pants...desperately needed work pants.  My BFF and I went to Kohl's and I found 3 pairs...all size 14's!  It was a little frustrating because I had no idea what size I was in the first place but it seemed sometimes the 14's fit fine and other times they were too tight but 16's still seemed too loose.  I realize this is just difference in design and fit and even skinny people have to put up with that but it caused me to have to try on 2 of everything.  They're also all way too long.  Man, I'm short!  I mean, I've always known I'm short but jeezaloo!  Luckily my mom can hem them for me so I don't step on them.  I don't care about having them shortened though.  I was able to walk into a normal store and buy clothes.  Not even their biggest size and I didn't need to look for the "Women's" sizes and it was no worry that they would have something that fit me.  It might not look great but it would fit.  I've hated shopping for so long and would put off buying anything new if I could possibly help it.  Money is always an issue (Thanks for the support on that, btw) but maybe a part of me figured there was no point in shopping all day when I wasn't going to feel good in whatever I bought anyway.  This was definitely not the case Saturday.  I even bought 3 tops (1 from Kohl's and 2 from Ross), all in a size Large.  I haven't been a size medium since I was 12 due to linebacker shoulders so I don't know if I'll ever be smaller than a large but I'm A-OK with that because guess what...every store sells large tops, not just fat girl stores! A VERY rewarding shopping trip.  Of course, my hubby is probably scared that enjoying shopping is going to lead to spending too much money shopping and maybe he should be worried.  I could definitely get used to it!

 So a good weekend altogether.  It's like a calm before the storm.  May is going to be super busy trying to find a place to rent, pack, move, my oldest finishing up the school year and then Hubby's surgery at the end.  I'm hoping I don't allow the stress of all that and the extra effort needed to get all that done derail any weight loss efforts.  Look for a post Wednesday about my new challenge.  Until then, your Monday DEMotivator:


Heather said...

We also had a quiet Easter with steaks! My family is coming next weekend. Great news on the clothes shopping! One great thing about being short nothing is ever too short at the goodwill! My favorite store as Iwas shrinking. Pants for $3 can't beat that!

Lyla said...

You are doing so great-- so steady with the losses!

Shopping is a mixed bag, isn't it? So much better than it used to be but still a lot of freaking work :)

~Lisa~ said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! And the clothes shopping! I am thrilled to hear you had a wonderful weekend, too!!

But, sorry to hear about your infected gallbladder.. That can't feel good at all.. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Patrick said...

Glad to hear the gallbladder is Ok!

Another loss is worthy of a smile, pat on teh back and some cool new music to play when you workout. Let us know what music you choose :-)

Phil said...

Great NSV...being able to use a "normal" store and just pick a regular size right off the peg and have it fit (even if it needs taking up) is a biggie....revel in it.