Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Weigh In

Happy Valentine's Day! a cute little V-Day story for you.  I can't remember the exact year, but one V-Day (I was either pregnant or JUST had my oldest) my hubby and I didn't make any reservations anywhere.  We kind of decided at the last minute that we would do something and found out the hard way why that's not a good idea.  Every place we pulled into was absolutely packed.  We were starving and ended up at Taco Bell. romantic.  Back then, being together was all we needed and we spent over an hour just eating and talking.  Now, every year...we go to Taco Bell for Valentine's Day...even this year.  I'll just eat way less.  LOL.

Weigh In - 190. read that right.  That is a 3.5 lb loss from last week!  I have no idea why.  Between my car and my back, I got in 0, zilch, zip, nada workouts in.  But I'll take it.  The scale Gods must just be smiling down on me and so help me...I will just say WAHOO and thank them for it.

Fill news - Holy mother of restriction!  I finally understand what people mean when they say they have "restriction."  Saturday morning, I was a little scared.  My back pain has not only not gone away but it's spreading.  I now have pain that starts in my neck, goes across my collar bone and down through my shoulder blade.  I took Advil Saturday morning and promptly got stuck.  Seriously, 2 little pills and they just sat there.  Finally, after a few painful moments they went down.  I was seriously thinking "Oh no.  I'm too tight."  Yet, I was able to eat regular food (chewing very carefully and eating very slowly) without a problem.  So I came to the conclusion that chugging water is a no-no.  Lesson learned.  We went out to dinner last night and I had 3 pieces of fried zucchini and 2 ribs.  That's right...2 ribs. I can't remember the last time I only had 2 ribs.  What a waste going out to dinner seems like now but I love it!  I love how little I can eat and feel satisfied right now.  I hope this restriction sticks around.

Found: 1 Lost Blogger.  So if you were following Mandy and thought she had stopped blogging because you didn't have the new link to her blog - here ya go.  If you haven't met Mandy yet, go check her out.  She's a cool chickadee with a great name.  Mandy's Journey

So the lack of progress in my 5k training.  I am stalled at week 3 just from a general lack of bothering to get my butt to the gym.  Here's a Monday Motivator for me and everyone else to remind us why we really aren't working out:


Amanda said...

I am going Ribs tonight for my honey for valentines day.
Way to go on the 3.5 lbs. I am really just waiting for some significate weight loss. I seem to be doing a lot of fumbling back and forth! Grr. 190 is amazing and I really like that you guys do taco bell for VDAY! Makes it a story!

Shannon said...

that is a great loss!
Happy V-day

LDswims said...

Yay for 3.5 lbs gone. That's awesome!

Love the taco bell story! Take that, Hallmark! :)

Amanda said...

Congrats on the 3.5 in one week. That is wonderful! I had Taco Bell for lunch today! Love their chicken soft taco - so far it has been very band friendly!

Heather said...

My husband and I met at Taco Bell. We go for our anniversary!

~Lisa~ said...

Way to go on the loss!! I'm thrilled for YOU!! And I loved your Valentine's Day story - and that you still go to Taco Bell!! Thanks for the smile!

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!!