Friday, February 4, 2011

My Trip In Pictures

As promised, this post is about my trip and overall, nonband related.  So let's get started....these things are usually more interesting in pictures but obviously...most of them are of me so deal with it.  My cruise was a 3 day deal out of Long Beach, CA with a stop Saturday in Ensanada.  My BFF and I drove to Long Beach on Thursday and went to the aquarium and to a piano bar that night.  If any of you are ever in Long Beach and looking for some fun, I highly recommend Sgt. Pepper's Piano Bar.  Their facebook site is better but can't access it from work so that's the link you're stuck with.  We had a blast there!
This lady was hilarious

Us at the Piano Bar after several...ahem...beverages

Queen Mary at Long Beach
Pretty Nemo fish at the aquarium
 Then after a teensy issue with a birth certificate question (read: spent an hour trying to check in for the cruise) we got on the boat.

It was windy
And we had our first boat drink...Lisa - this one's for you....

I know it's tough but try to ignore the back fat.  Ewwww...but the drink was good

Then we went to our state room and this was our view

Then we decided to hit the hot tub as we pulled out of port.  Here's where a NSV kicked in.  The bathrobe wrapped around problem whatsoever with a little room to spare!

Saturday we did a winery tour.  Pretty good wine...great food.  Got super stuck on pizza but tis life.
On the bus to the vineyards

Look at all that wine!

Largest winery in Mexico - actually started by an Italian - go figure

These two are all mine!

And of course, your cabin steward makes the towel animals. 

We couldn't decide if this was a dog or a pig
  I did pretty well on the eating front.  I had fish for dinner every night and only had dessert at dinner time.  I did eat nachos every day with cheese sauce because I loved the chips! 

My fish the first night.  Very yummy
Sunday was our "Fun Day at Sea"....ahem.
Hairy Chest Contest finalists

They made a cool little star out of the straw wrapper.  This was yummy too

Last day - all relaxed and ready to face the real world.
 I did have an extra horrible PB episode on the drive home.  We stopped for a "quick" lunch at Panda Express and I was reminded as to why there are no "quick" stops with the band.  I PB'd over and over and over in the 30 minutes that followed trying to eat lunch.  It actually made me feel nauseous causing my friend to have to pull over twice so I could take care of business.  So gross!

So there you have it.  My trip in review.  I had a great time.  I don't think I'll ever be what you might call a "cruiser."  I liked it but I don't think this would be my preferred vacation over a week or anything but it's definitely a fun weekend getaway.


Patrick said...

I would have won the harry chest contest; just sayin :-)

Looks like a great time, glad you enjoyed!!

Have a Great weekend!

Barbara said...

Wow great pics Manda looks like you had a WONDERFUL vacay.. Cruises.. hmmm I love crusiess..

Shannon said...

that drink looks so yummy!! awesome pictures!!

Leslie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise! I'm not a cruiser either, it's just not my thing!

amandakiska said...


You look beautiful!

Amanda said...

So dang jealous!!! All that wine and your pink shirt looks so cute! Looking good I might add!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. I love hearing about other people's vacations. You look great in the pics.

Rachel said...

I love your bangs...the trip looked like a blast. Thank you for sharing. You look good...

nikki said...

I've missed you! :) I'm so happy to be back and catch up! You look FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing all the pics and so glad you had a great time (less the PB on the way home...yucky!)

~Lisa~ said...

You remembered! You remembered!! Now I can go on peacefully with my life - I have the drink with the tiny umbrella!! Thank you!!

Your pictures are just gorgeous!! What a glorious trip that must have been! And YOU look absolutely FANTASTIC!! Healthy, relaxed and best of all, HAPPY!! I too love that pink shirt on you!! You're such a cutie!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us!

Mo said...

What great pictures, you look like you had a great time. I agree the pink shirt looked fabulous.

Mandy said...

Great Pics! Seems like you had a Wonderful time! The drinks look DELISH!!!

Inspiration said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am so jealous you went on a cruise! I wish I was on one right now!! :)

Kinzie said...

I am so envious. You look great and so happy!

Ronnie said...

You look fantastic, so glad you had a fun time on vacation! :)