Friday, February 18, 2011

News Day Friday

Happy Friday to one and all!  I have a 3 day weekend (as do a lot of people here in the States who get Presidents' Day off) and I just can't wait.

How am I, you ask?  Eh.  I'm hanging in there.  My car is still broken...took it back to the dealer yesterday.  That's right folks...We're on two weeks of crappy car stuff.  Family drama has reared its ugly head again.  But it's Friday so what's not to love about that.  Some of you may recall that one thing I wanted to accomplish in 2011 is setting a budget.  Well, my friends...I started that process today and should have a budget hammered out by tonight.  I'm fighting the need to make drastic changes to our lifestyle.  I know some would think that's what's needed given our current lifestyle but I'd worry about what it would do to the girls and I'm pretty sure my hubby would kill me.  I'm talking things like get rid of cable, Internet, cell phones, sell a car...stuff like that.  I'm so sick of our current financial situation that I'm worried I'll do something drastic.  I won't...because my hubby and I are going over the finances together and he wouldn't let me get rid of all that stuff... or would he?  Would it really be so terrible not being "plugged in?"  Being a one car household?  Both our cars are paid off so maybe that's silly.  But there are things we want to do - buy a new car in a couple years, move in June (so we'll need a deposit and rent a truck, get the carpets cleaned, etc.), and get caught up with my student loans.  All this being said, we need to make some cuts.  Moving on....

3 different weight loss articles were on the usatoday website today.  I apologize for not having the links.  One was announcing the FDA's approval of the lapband for lower BMI's.  Can I get a WAHOO!!!  I think it's great that more people will be able to take advantage of this tool and improve their health.  Let's hope insurance companies follow suit in making it more accessible as well. 

Of course, you knew there'd be something to bother me in the news.  Just under this lapband article, was a general human interest story of a nurse who lost 180 lbs the "old fashioned" way.  Now, I applaud this woman who started at 399 lbs and is now down to 217.  That's AMAZING!!  And to do it solely through diet and exercise....I'm awestruck. Of course, if you scroll down to comments section of the article, it becomes a fat bashing frenzy.  "How many Twinkies do you have to eat to get that big?" and on and on it went.  Then came the WLS naysayers "See?  She didn't need surgery to lose weight.  Can you believe what the FDA just did?"  I realize it's America and everyone's entitled to their opinion.  I just don't see why people have to be so mean.  Seriously...what happened to being nice to people?  Or at least polite? 

The third article is from the "Duh" section of the paper.  Obesity alone leads to higher risk of a fatal heart attack.  No kidding?

So there you have it.  Your Weight Loss News Update in 100 words or less (I didn't count - I have NO idea how many words are there).  Drazil has been going through such a tough time with her daughter being bullied at school and it has roused quite a few memories for me.  I think I will share them with you but I'm not emotionally ready quite yet.  Instead, I leave you with a Friday Funny (of course):


LDswims said...

Ugh on the car. Unbelievable! I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. I think I'd be looking for a new mechanic at this point. Even if it's the dealer - something aint workin there...

As for making cuts - it seems hard but it's rather doable once done. We found funny things like switching from cable to satellite dropped our bill in almost half (cable included internet). We were able to make changes and get things into our budget without having to cut them out. And simple little things, sometimes, like opening a new account in my hubby's name so that it appears that we are new customers.

As for the articles and the mean people, yeah, I don't get it. It's ok to have your opinion - but when it's a feel good story, do we really have to bash the subject of the article? Some people, apparently, have no struggles of their own so 1) struggles make no sense and 2) they just don't know what it's like.

Your funny looks like my brain... :)

Bonnie said...

Kudos for doing a budget. Definitely not an easy thing - especially when kids are involved. Love the cartoon.

Jenny said...

budgets are hard! there is always temptation, at least for me.

~Lisa~ said...

Budgets are always tough to face but when it's all said and done it is amazing to come out on top.. And, I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time with your car. I know how maddening and frustrating it can be!

And WAHOOO on the FDA story!!

Phil said...

Whoa there! Getting rid of the internet?!? I got a chill down my spine just thinking about that. lol

I think I would honestly consider selling one of my organs on the black market before I'd give up my internet connection....sad, I know, but true (kind of)....definitely get rid of a car before the internet though dude - that's a no-brainer, as cars are just one expense after another.

I love the conflicting weight-loss articles, you see that sort of thing in so many places - I've been looking at nutrition websites with loads of health info and advice on 5-a-day, etc...and then plastered all over it are adverts for donuts, local cake offers, 2 for 1 at a burger joint, just goes to prove that you just need to keep your own goal in mind, keep your head down and take all opinions with a pinch of salt.