Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving NSV's

What a busy couple of days!

I took Wednesday off of work so I could get my baking and some prep done for the big day.  My day started off with a Turkey Trot at my oldest daughter's school.  In an effort to promote physical fitness, every year, the day before Thanksgiving they invite parents to come to a self-paced run with their kids.  Not only did I overcome my "I really feel uncomfortable around other parents I don't know" thing and go to this Turkey Trot.  I ran with my daughter.  Yepperooni... I jogged right around that little track (It's 1st grade so we're not talking a quarter mile track here or anything) and could've kept going except my daughter got tired after 5 laps so we called it good.  Not only am I really proud of myself for going and doing it.  I'm proud for how I felt about it.  Other than debating how it would affect this chest cold I'm still fighting (FYI - It really doesn't help to do cardio if you have a chest cold), I never debated how I would look or if people would laugh at the "fat lady trying to run with her kid" or anything like that.  There's no negative self talk.  There was no self conscious side of me telling me that I look dumb or jiggly or out of my element.  It was just me doing something my daughter really wanted me to do and I felt good about that.  I also felt good that we outlasted half of her classmates.  LOL.  In all honesty, a year ago I probably wouldn't have even gone to the event, much less actually participated in it.  Just another small example of how grateful I am to have gotten 70 lbs off of me in the last 15 months.  Truly a great moment for me.

Once I was done with that part, I went home and baked 3 pies, prepared 2 sides and made crab dip.  Then I went and finished up my baby girl's birthday shopping.  VERY productive day.  Throughout all the baking and cooking, I managed to ONLY eat lunch and dinner.

Thanksgiving morning, I was up bright and early to get my 21 lb turkey in my mom's oven.  Then I had breakast with the family, and we spent the day at my mom's house eating and drinking to our heart's content.  We had our first glass of holiday egg nog to kick off the season.  I made the best apple pie I have EVER made and it was so pretty too!  Here's the NSV for this one.  I had a few crackers with chip for hors d'voures, one plate of food and dessert (small sampling of each of the 3 pies...probaby equalled 1 big piece).  In years past, I would've eaten my weight in crab dip and crackers, had at least 2 plates of food + an extra helping of mashed potatoes, and dessert twice.  Not to mention, the left over meal everyone has later in the day.  This year, this was my lunch and dinner.  There was no second Thanksgiving meal later in the day.  This was it.  Couldn't imagine eating anything else, I was so stuffed.  Did I overindulge?  Probably.  Was it improvement?  Definitely.  I consider this an NSV.

Today I'm at work...debating on taking a half day so I can be off at 9:30 but we'll see if I stick it out through the day.  Feeling pretty tired.  My back aches and I'm pretty sure I pinched something in my neck but overall doing OK this morning.  I hope you all had a great holiday!  For you Black Friday people, may your fellow shoppers not be crazy, the deals be plentiful and the credit card be paid off by January!  And in honor of all you crazy people out there since midnight last night, this Friday Funny is for you!


Andrea said...

That's a great NSV! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Cece said...

Your post was filled with NSVs ! Congrats on all of it - well deserved :)

Dawnya said...

Awesome NSV!! I'm sure your daughter was so happy to have you do the Turkey Trot with her. Heres to 70 lbs gone forever!!!

~Lisa~ said...

Sounds like a terrific Thanksgiving!! And a terrific NSV too!!!

~Lisa~ said...

PS - I LOVE the Christmas theme!!

Ronnie said...

Awesome NSV! I can't wait to do things like that with my boys.

And sounds like you did great with Thanksgiving, way to practice self control while still enjoying everything you wanted to. :)