Monday, November 14, 2011


Weigh In: 159.  A new decade and officially 70 lbs gone!!!  It took forever to get out of the 160's for me but I finally made it so keeping with tradition...what does 70 lbs look like?

I've also lost both of my girls PUT TOGETHER!  It feels pretty good!

I did OK over the weekend.  Pouch test was a fail but whatevs.  I logged 150 minutes in activity over the weekend so I feel good about that.  Friday was spent baking about 200 cookies that we gave away yesterday at the Susan G Komen 3 Day.  We went to the cheering station to give away cookies and cheer everyone on.  I did this walk last year and it felt good to kind of pay it forward and get out there and give the walkers some encouragement.  Hubby is thinking of doing it next year.  Of course, I'd want to do it with him so we'll see.  NSV here:  I did not have a single cookie.  The girls had a few each day (the day we baked and the day we distributed).  Hubby had one too. I resisted...and they looked GOOD.

I drank absolutely no water over the weekend so that was no bueno.  I didn't really replace it with sugary drinks or anything...I just didn't drink much of anything at all so I've got to get back to that.  I have my water cup already filled and ready to go.  Saturday I cleaned my house top to bottom so now this weekend, I'll only need to give it a once over so I can concentrate on Thanksgiving preparations.

So it's about where I am with my November goals?

  • NO SODA!!!  AT ALL.  - 3x total for the month so far (an improvement over last month but still)
  • Only healthy snacking.  Running tally...chips, pretzel bites, oreos, a slice of going away cake at work (Still not bad)
  • Do my best to cook at home and not eat out.  - I think I'm up to 5x so far for the month which really isn't bad at all since I eat out once a week with a girl from work.  It's tradition and I chose a healthier option both times.
  • NO french fries.  Twice
  • MOVE.   - 180 minutes down, 320 to go.  Doable.

So I guess that's about it.  I start my new job today.  I have no idea what I'm doing but hopefully I'm a quick study.  So in honor of all the possibilities this position can bring...I present your Monday DEMotivator:


Dawnya said...

I'm so excited for you Manda!!! A new job and a new decade in weight loss!! This is a great day for you!! I can't wait to hear about the new job.

Jacquie said...


JRD said...

Yay MP!!! You go girl!!

Kristin50 said...

Congratulations on the 70 pounds that is so awesome! As you are :)

Andrea said...

Yay!!! Congrats on being in the 150's and 70 pounds down!

Lee Ann said...

AWESOME!! 150's! Always great to hit a new decade. And 70 pounds?! Wow!!!!

Sam said...

Congrats :o) That is so great!!

Cece said...

New decade and a new job ... they're lucky to have you ! Great job on the no cookies ... actually I think you're doing a great job on all fronts :)

~Lisa~ said...

150's!! Yayyyyy for YOU!!! And no soda or cookies to boot - I am soooo proud of YOU!!!

Ronnie said...

I think that's pretty good on the goals so far! And 150's?!?!! Girlfriend, you are doing the damn thing. So proud of you. :)