Monday, November 7, 2011

Flipped Port & Progress

It's not my port.  It's Hubby's.  He had an appointment for a fill on Friday and the doc told him his port had flipped so he needs another surgery.  :(  While we're not happy about this, doc says it's a fairly simple procedure.  He'll be knocked out again but they don't have to blow him up with the gas again or anything.  Just open him up, flip it back around (they're going to go ahead and fill it up then too so at least he'll have some restriction when he wakes up), sew it back and there ya go.  Hubby is annoyed with the setback but hopefully this'll be the last one he faces.

Weigh In:  160.  -2 lbs from last week and a new low!  Wahoo!  I can definitely tell a difference with this fill but  I still don't think it's optimal and will probably try to get one more before the new year and my insurance switches over.

So, Robyn got me thinking about the 5 day pouch test last week and I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to help kick the carb cravings and "reset" my band.  Hubby figured this week would be good since we have no major events and he was getting a fill on Friday anyway.  Well, despite not getting his fill, we've decided to do it anyway.  For anyone not familiar with the 5 Day Pouch Test.  Here's a quick rundown.  You can also see it here.
Days 1 & 2 - Liquid Protein
Day 3 - Soft Protein
Day 4 - Firm Protein
Day 5 - Solid protein
Truthfully, my Days 3 and 4 are going to look pretty similar but I think that's alright.  On the menu for today: 2 Special K protein drinks, sugar free pudding, and sweet potato cream soup.  As much of it as I want, per the instructions.  It will probably be something similar tomorrow.  And how am I doing with my November goals, you ask?

  • NO SODA!!!  AT ALL.  - I had it twice over the weekend
  • Only healthy snacking.  I had chips and pretzel bites over the weekend.
  • Do my best to cook at home and not eat out.  - Only ate out twice this weekend and shared an entree both times.  This is improvement.
  • NO french fries.  I had them once
  • MOVE.   - Got in 30 minutes over the weekend.  Not great.
So I could write a big ol' long post about familial sabotage on the french fry and soda front but I won't.  It's been discussed and we're over it.  It's out of the house so there we go.  Feeling good about this week.

And for the Monday DEMotivation:


Kristin50 said...

Good luck on the pouch test! Sorry about the port flip, that seems to happen sometimes I guess.

Glad you are in a good place!

CONGRATULATIONS on the all time low! WAHOO!!!!

Amanda said...

Wow! A flipped port?! Did he know it had happened!

I am thinking of doing a pouch test! But I just don't think I will get it in this week!

Andrea said...

Oh no about your hubby's port! I'm glad the surgery is not a big deal, but still no fun! Congrats on the loss!!!

Anonymous said...

Manda, I am sorry to hear about hubby's port. That can't be fun.
Keep reaching for your goals. Do not let having some soda over the weekend make you give up. And hey, a new low- that is awesome. I can't even imagine 160 at this point.

tagyourit said...

Let me know how the 5 day thing goes. I have been thinking about doing one too.

Ronnie said...

Poor hubby, that's horrible! I hope it's not too painful for him.

And great loss for the week, I'm proud of ya. One soda is probably loads better than how much we all used to drink at least, right?

Leslie said...

I had my port moved and it was a simple surgery and the recovery was pretty fast. I wish your husband lots of luck!

Cece said...

French fries and soda out of the house ... we do what we have to do. And you're doing it ! New low = love it ! Congrats ~

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about hubby's port, I hope this surgery is quick and as painless as possible for him. And a big congrats on the new low!!!!

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about hubby's flipped port, but you are doing great with you weight loss!!! I've never been a fan of the Pouch Test, but I hope it works for you and gets you to where you need to be! Hugs!