Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pouch Test - Day 2 - Fail

Alright.  Let's get it over with.
Breakfast:  Coffee
Snack: Special K protein drink
Lunch: Potato Leek soup (Very yummy!)
Snack: Nothing
Dinner: Taco Bell

Yep.  I said Taco Bell.  The emotional eater in me took over after the stress of yesterday and we had Taco Bell for dinner.  The silver lining.  I didn't have soda with the Taco Bellso small improvement.*sigh*

Today's Plan:
Breakfast: Coffee
Snack:  Special K protein drink
Lunch: Tuna fish (no bread or crackers)
Dinner:  Chili

Thank you all for the good thoughts for Brother in Law yesterday.  It was a long and stressful day awaiting news.  The problem is nothing is simple when you have terminal brain cancer.  For the last six months, he's been in a clinical trial that has kept the tumor stable (not growing).  The operation threatened to take him out of said trial, including chemo which means the tumor would begin growing again.  But, it seems as though everything will work out.  They took the infection out before it had spread to any other tissue or his blood.  The cancer docs say that if he heals well and doesn't miss more than 2 rounds of treatment, he can stay in the study.  So we're keeping our fingers crossed that this was merely a hiccup in his treatment plan.

To add to the stress of yesterday.  I found out my grandfather (he's like 86 or something) has to have a cyst removed from one of the discs in his back.  So surgery for him as well.  That's not so bad in and of itself but he's not going to be able to lift anything for awhile and he takes care of my grandmother, who has Parkinsons and can barely move.  They're very hesitant about having help brought in but I don't really see the alternative.    So there's that.

I hope y'all are having a better week than I am.  At least it's Hump Day...week is half over.  Yay!  And maybe a Hump Day Happy Thought is in order.


Ronnie said...

I'm sorry you're going through this with all of your family members. Just brush that Taco Bell off, today is a new day. *hugs*

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Everyone seems to have lots of stuff going on. My thoughts are with you and your family. Good luck with the pouch test!

Cece said...

Oh, MP ... I am sorry for all of the stress ... I would think Taco Bell is the very least of it. Take care.

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry all that is going on! No wonder you wanted Taco Bell! Like Ronnie said it's a new day and you can make better choices today!