Monday, May 16, 2011

Weigh In 5/16/11

First, thanks to who commented on my last post.  I think I can add a new fear of "No comments" to the list I've been accumulating.  LOL.  But truly, thanks for your candor and honesty.  If there's one thing blogland offers, it's honesty.

So weigh in...173.  -.5 this week.  *sigh*  OK...Not ideal.  But considering what it COULD have been...I'll take it.  One of my midweek unofficial weigh ins showed me 3 lbs UP so at this point I'll take what I can get.  I worked out twice last week, coming up just short of my goal of 3.  But it's a start.  Finding workout time is going to be difficult this week.  We started packing over the weekend but I still have a lot to do before Saturday.  I think lifting boxes and the all the bending, etc. that comes with getting ready to move should totally count as a workout.  I know I need a fill but that's no excuse for what's been going into my mouth lately.

I'm exhausted...still.  I don't see an end to this until June.  I've taken the week of my hubby's surgery off to help him recuperate...returning the favor since he took such good care of me after mine.  I'm hoping I manage to get some rest during that week too as it's sorely needed.  Not much else going on around here.  We were home bound all weekend with boxes so nothing really new to report.  So...back to work it is with our Monday DEMotivator:


Leslie said...

I just read your Fear blog today and let me say, I could have written that myself. I'm so in the same place you are with fears. Your blog got me thinking so thanks.

Packing boxes totally counts as a workout!! That is hard work. I hate moving so I really feel for you.

~Lisa~ said...

Packing, lifting, and moving boxes is definately a workout! A REAL workout! Good luck with the moving (something I truly hate)..

Ms. M said...

Good luck with the move! I know that's a stressful project even under the best of circumstances.