Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movin', Movin', Movin'...

ETA:  I wrote this post yesterday but Blogger was being a pain so it didn't get posted.  Update on the Electricity situation:   NOPE.  Still sittin' in the dark...

Move 'em on, Head 'em up!
Head 'em up, Move 'em out!
Move 'em on!  Head 'em out, Rawhide!

And so we've moved...sort of...kind of... in a way..almost.  We picked up the moving van Friday night so we could get an early start Saturday morning.  After a few directionally challenged helpers finally made it to the homestead in the boonies (from this point on, it will be known as the "old house"), we got the first truck full loaded.  Made it to the new place (henceforth known as "the townhouse") and unloaded said load.  The men decided they didn't need the little lady's help loading the next one so I stayed behind to start unpacking some of the more essential items, namely the kitchen.  Finally, hubby texted me, advised they were on their way and to go ahead and order the pizzas.  The dutiful wife I am, I did.  Next thing I know...I hear that every road out of the little town we lived in has a wreck on it and is either way delayed or shut down.  They decide to hit a bar (they're men, ya know) and wait for the state route out of town to re-open.  They're at the bar a little over an hour...still shut down.  So they do a roundabout way into a different town and up to the freeway...where there's another wreck and a giant back up.  Argh!  So now I've got 3 large pizzas and 28 wings and no big hungry men to eat them!  We were lucky to have the guys helping that we did.  2 of them were able to stay and unload the truck.  The other 2 had to get home...personal emergency involving a 3 year old, a desk and stitches and another involving supposed to be home earlier so the wife could have the babyseat.  Incidentally, 3 of these guys still have some of our stuff in their cars.  Eh.  We'll get it eventually.

On top of all of this taking way longer than planned.  Due to circumstances which I won't go into here, our electricity couldn't be turn on until today.  So we're doing all this sans air conditioning which wasn't too bad.  We also lost everything in our fridge and possibly our freezer too (packed it full of ice, hoping it keeps.  If not, I'm cooking it all today).  I could handle all of this...except later that night.  We all plop down on mattresses (beds not assembled yet).  A little sidenote here.  I have a sleep number bed and LOVE it.  However, if your area is prone to blackouts or anything...reconsider.  Must have electricity for said bed to inflate.  *sigh*  Anywhoozle...not only is there no hot water for a good scrubbing after all this manual labor (Smell much?) but no ceiling fans + no air conditioning + no breeze = 1 VERY hot panda.  I tossed and turned most of the night...finally dozed off around 1 and then finally got to sleep around 2.  Not a good night after the day we had.  So Sunday, we're up bright and early to return the truck that was supposed to be returned the day before but the VERY nice people at the truck rental place said that we could return the next day due to the all the road closure trouble.  We return the truck, head to the old house to load a few more odds and ends into the truck, ate breakfast, unloaded van, set up sleep number bed so it's ready to go when the electricity is turned on, headed to my parents house for showers, and then back to the townhouse dreading the unpacking that was to follow.  That's when my hubby and I decided to spend money we don't have to get a hotel for the night.  I had to be work this morning, bright and early and there was just no flippin' way I could go another night sweatin' out on the futon mattress.  So we got a hotel room, ate some comfort food, took another shower (just because we could), cranked up the A/C as high as it would go and slept like rocks.  It was magnificent.  Money well spent.  Electricity is supposed to be hooked up today and we can make it official and actually spend a restful night at this place.

In other news...forgot the scale at the old house so no weigh in this week.  After going up and down those stairs 8 BILLION times over the weekend, I really thought I'd see a loss too.  I guess we'll see next week.  My hubby's surgery is a week from tomorrow!  He starts his pre-op liquid diet today.  There was some mourning of food going on last night as he prepares for his 5 weeks without real food (doc has a pretty strict liquid requirement after surgery).  So please wish him luck on his preop endeavour.  Protein shakes for a week isn't easy and I don't envy him having to do it. 

That's all that's happening in Candyland my friends.  Exciting stuff, eh?  So in light of pushing forward to finish unpacking a new house and making it a home, of pushing through a liquid diet, of pushing through to a healthier you (hopefully)'s a Monday DEMotivator:


Lee Ann said...

Love that last poster! Ha! Whew, sounds like you have a LOT going on. I'm excited for your hubs. I think you need to convince him to start a blog. There aren't many man WLS blogs out there! Okay, okay, really I'm being selfish because I want someone who's going through it at the same time as me to be blogging about it. :)

Leslie said...

Yep....I hate moving. LOL.

I'm glad everything is settling down but whew! What a weekend!!

Good luck to your husband!!

Patrick said...

Ah the joys of moving. Definitely one of those endeavors we dislike when doing the work and thenwhen it is done we look back with great satisfaction. 8 Billion stairs should equal a loss for sure.

Best to your hubby with his surgery prep/surgery!