Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Good morning to one and all.  First, I'd like to thank Heather for the blog award.  Will do that post a little later this week.

Second, it's that time of the week weekly weigh in.  195 lbs.  -1 from last week.  So the 0 lb change on Friday turned into 1 lb by Monday.  Go figure.  I'm happy...makes Mondays something to look forward to.

Thanks all for the hair loss reassurance.  Per Lynda and Lori's advice, I will be upping my protein immediately.  I'm starting to add a scoop of protein powder to my morning coffee and will be giving Lynda's smoothie a try next week. 

Exercise went well this weekend.  I got in my Week 2 Day 3 5k training on Friday.  Blech.  Still definitely not a runner.  My BFF and I went to Latin Heat on Saturday.  Apparently, the last 2 weeks (the only 2 weeks, for that matter) were being taught by substitutes and the regular lady was back on Saturday.  Holy cow!  The turnout was amazing (at least 40 people there) and I can see why.  This chick could probably kill me if she wanted to but, luckily, she didn't.  Great workout though.  I like it more each time I go.  Sunday, I was a lazy blob.  So be it.  Today I start Week 3 Day 1.  I'm going to give this a try and if I just can't cut it, then I'll repeat Week 2.  No shame in that.

My daughter is still sick.  Pretty sure it's the flu.  Hoping she's feeling better this morning but we'll see.  If not, it's off to my mom's house again.  *sigh* 

So for any new followers and because I like to toot my own horn to my old followers, I walked the Susan G Komen 3 Day in November.  As a reward, my BFF (who did the walk with me and kicked its butt) and I decided to do a girls' cruise to celebrate.  The time has come, my friends.  We leave for Long Beach this Thursday and set sail on Friday.  It's a short one - just 3 nights with a stop in Ensanada.  I'm glad it's short.  I've never been on a cruise before and both my sister and my mother are prone to seasickness (both have gotten seasick on every cruise they've done).  I'm coming armed with Dramamine and hoping I take after my dad.  The biggest stressor of this is 1) leaving my girls for those few days and 2) finding stuff to WEAR.  I'm not feeling particularly good about any of my clothes right now so it's been tough deciding what to take.  Shopping is out of the question so I'm trying to make do.  I mean, jeans and tshirts I can handle.  It's the "clubbing" and "dinner" outfits I'm having issues with.  I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing now that it's finally here.  Any tips from veteran cruisers out there?

So I suppose I've babbled enough for a Monday morning.  Hope everyone has a great week!


Fluffy said...

Congrats on doing the 3-day! For the seasickness, there are these patches that you put behind your ear (prescription, but your primary doctor may likely just call in the prescription with a phone call and saying you are going on a cruise) that will totally be a life saver. I have horrible motion sickness. When I went on a cruise, nothing with these things! Have fun.

~Lisa~ said...

I've never cruised, but for the boat trips I've been on, those patch-y things that go behind your ear work really well!

I am so excited for YOU!! Wish I were going too!! Promise you'll have a martini for me!

Amanda M. said...

Try looking at a couple of Goodwills for some clothes or even the clearance racks at Old Navy. However, I feel a bit odd when I go shopping for clothes. It's frustrating that I'll only wear them for a couple of months. I've never been on a cruise before. I hope you have a ton of fun. You must take pictures!

Ronnie said...

Sounds awesome - hope you have a blast. You deserve it! :) And congrats on the working out, I still need to get my routine down. *grumbles*

Anyway, I have an award for you on my blog (not sure if it's the one you already received)!

amandakiska said...

Have a fun cruise! said...

Have fun on your cruise!!
Julio G's..Is that the one in Scottsdale? Thats closed right? My grandma lives on Oak and Scottsdale Road and that was her favorite. Our favorite is Manuels on Southern and the 101. I have been going since I wasa kid. I have been once in the 21 weeks since I started eating healthy and the strangest thing happened!! I did not get that high that I would normaly get from eating there..Go figure!!!!

Fiddle in the Band said...

Enjoy your cruise! I found that after sleeping on the ship I didn't notice anything for the rest of the cruise. I think it depends on the size of the ship as well. The bigger the better! The patches you put behind your ear saved my sister from motion sickness! Have fun!

Lyla said...

Have a great time on your cruise!

For clubbing/dinner, might I suggest a pair of great fitting black slacks and a sparkly top? Paired with pretty shoes, it's simple and looks great.

Gen said...

Have a great time! Just bring black - skirt, dress, whatever you have. Add some jewelry and cute shoes and you will be set!

Patrick said...

Good news on the weight loss! Cruises ate a blast, look forward to seeing some cool vacation pics; be wary of the food temptations that wait for you & have fun!