Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Food For Thought

And so it's Friday.  Thank goodness!  I've been coming in early to work the last couple days (like 4:30 in the morning kind of early) and I'm seriously tired.  My oldest isn't feeling well.  I'm pretty sure she has the flu.  I'm very lucky my mom is around to watch her during the day but she's waking up a lot at night. 

I had my annual review at work yesterday.  It went VERY well.  Turns out they love me!  I got a decent raise (first decent one in awhile) and a small bonus that will help me get caught up on my student loan payments.  I also found out that I have an interview of sorts (they're calling it a "discussion") for a management role with a different part of my company.  If the right offer came about through this, it would involve a long distance move to a much colder climate and a very challenging workload.  On the one hand, I'm excited for the opportunity; on the other hand, I'm kind of nervous.  We'll see how it goes.  It would definitely have to be the right offer and my company is notoriously cheap so I don't think they'll get  in the ballpark to where I'd move for the position.

I'm doing Week 2 Day 3 of my 5k program today.  I packed my gym and I'm ready and raring to go.  I have Latin Heat tomorrow so I'm excited about that.  I did a preliminary weigh in this morning and I've lost 0 lbs so far this week.  I seriously don't know how this could be possible when I'm actually watching what I eat and working out.  All through December, I ate what I wanted and drank what I wanted and didn't work out and lost 4 lbs.  Ugh!  I'm trying not to let it get to me because my official weigh day isn't until Monday and this could be some kind of fluctuation type thing but it's tough not to be discouraged by it.

It's official.  My hair is falling out.  I've always had really thick hair so I'm used to losing some in my brush or in the shower but this crazy!  Luckily, I've read enough blogs to know that this is pretty normal and it can last awhile but then my hair will grown back in healthier and shinier than ever.  RIGHT!?!?!  I've tried the Biotin but it doesn't seem to be helping.  Any other tips?

Well, I guess that's about it for me.  Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!  And, of course, I leave you with a Friday Funny...


Amanda said...

Congrats on the raise and bonus and possible promotion! Things to make this past week seem like a good one!

Sorry about you daughter being sick! Poor thing and I am super sorry about your hair falling out. I am scared...cause I don't have a whole lot of hair to begin with!

Amanda said...

ps...did you get my Spider Monkey reference? I watched Twilight a lot while Chris was away!

Maria said...

Congrats on the raise and possible Promotion!!! Definately something I want to hear soon! lol

The hair thing is absolutely normal, I too have hair like there is no tomorrow and it fell like so! I thought I would eventually go bald on how bad my shower would end up at the end of my shower. It did eventually stop at about my 6 or 7th month post op and it is growing back now.

My daughter is also sick, she was sent home from school yesterday with 102 fever...must be that time where everyone gets sick. My daughter said there where dropping like flies at the nurses office.

in reference to the 0 lbs down..don't worry...I am in the exact same boat..I lost 4 lbs over the holidays and nothing now, however I have started to work out again, so I am sure that it's that muscle that is doing it's thing...I do however notice I have lost inches, so always look out for that as well!

LDswims said...

Ugh, those are some seriously early days! I'll bet you are beyond ready for a weekend.

I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Congrats on the great review! And I hope the "discussion" goes well and that you get what you want!

As for the hair, I heard from my surgeon as well as from various readings online that the biggest problem that causes hair to fall out is protein intake. I don't know if that's true, but it motivated me to keep my protein up. And I haven't had any issues with my hair other than my normal. I kept my hair short longer than I wanted to so that growing in new hair wouldn't be an issue. And now I'm finally letting it grow out - probably means I'll be losing my hair soon, eh?

Susan said...

That's amazing news on the Bonus and possible promotion. Even if you don't take it - such an honor that they are presenting it to you.
I am dreading the hair loss and trying to keep up the protein.
Hope your daughter feels better soon.

amandakiska said...

So proud of you for the great review and possible promotion! It sounds like you are working very hard in pretty much all areas. Don't forget to rest and goof off too!

Kristin said...

Great news on the job front, that's awesome! Sorry about the hair, it's disconcerting but it will slow down and then stop falling out. Hang in there. And enjoy the raise and bonus!

Lynda said...

My experience in the hair-loss department supports LD's statement...PROTEIN! My hair started falling out big time at about 4 months post-op. At the time, I wasn't really focusing on my protein. This is when I added my protein smoothie to my daily routine and the hair loss slowed down drastically in just a couple of weeks. I still lose hair more than pre-surgery, but it's not scary anymore.

Link to protein smoothie post here:

Patrick said...

Cool to hear you've had a great result at work, awesome!

So 0 lbs down, oh well, next week awaits you regardless; look ahead!

Enjoy the 72F weather, I am sooo jealous!

Bonnie said...

I can't even imagine getting to work at 4:30. I can't even imagine waking up at 4:30. Sounds like your hard work is paying off though. Congrats on the great eval and possible promotion.

~Lisa~ said...

4:30am is just indecent.. My word, Lady!! Congratulations on the terrific review, the raise AND the bonus!! It's easy to see why they love YOU!

Heather said...

I have nominated you for a blog award!