Monday, December 20, 2010

Weigh In 12/20/10

I'm at 200.0 lbs.  So I lost the pound I gained last week.  *SIGH*  Seems I've lost this same pound over and over the last few weeks.  The potlucks went well...from a socializing point of view.  If you read back to my "Shy" post, I wasn't exactly looking forward to these events but I wound up having a really good time.  The first potluck was Friday night with my husband's friends.  It was family friendly so we took the girls.  Lots of good food but not many sweets which was a welcome change of pace.  I ate just a little of everything but I drank my weight in wine.  Eek!  I laughed, I was charming (at least I thought so) and I had a very nice time.  The second potluck was with my husband's work people.  Obviously, I did not drink my weight in wine at that one but I did eat more because there was more room to sit down and less finger foods.  They had ham, lasagna, some Alfredo dish, brussel sprouts, etc.  Since it was more like a meal, I actually sat down and ate which is good and bad.  Bad in that I loaded more than I should have on to my plate but good that I didn't graze all night.  I did have two small slices of dessert though which I had avoided at the previous potluck.  All in all, I feel I did OK.  My girls loved going and it was nice to be able to put faces to the names that my hubby talks about all the time.  I also think I did OK in the whole "wife of a lawyer" thing.  I talked with them about a couple of current events without letting on that I'm a conservative (lawyers for the state are notoriously liberal) and let some of my more benign witticisms come out.  LOL.  Overall, I did alright and actually enjoyed myself.

Soccer went well.  @Amanda:  That's so funny that your daughter would just let them have the ball.  I'm sure my daughter would be the same way if we kept pursuing the sport.  She did better her last day than she had all season.  She really tried hard which was an improvement so I feel we finished strong.  She got a trophy for participating and a medal for perfect attendance.  Someday I'll write a post about how I feel about the whole "everybody gets a trophy" thing.  To put it short and sweet, at this age, I think it's great... but the competitive nature in me stops the warm and fuzzy feelings there.  It'll be nice to have Saturday mornings free for awhile.

Was tough coming back to work this morning.  My hubby and the kids have this week off so they were all snug in their beds when I left.  Made me want to crawl back into bed as well.  I have the week after Christmas off with the kids so I take comfort in the fact that my hubby will be feeling this way NEXT week.  LOL.  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and are winding down your Christmas shopping.  My hubby's gift has finally shipped and should be here tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I still have to buy for my mom and dad.  I know what I'm getting's just actually making it out to the stores to buy them that seems to be the problem.  I'll be trying to catch up on blogs this week but it may be tough as we have a lot of people out for the holiday so I'm backing them all up.  I'm leaving early Christmas Eve, however, come hell or high water.  Happy Monday!


Heather said...

You are so close! You definately will have a 1 in front this week. Keep up the good work, you are getting there!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

It sounds like you had a terrific weekend! Good for YOU! You did really well at the pot-lucks!!

Reading your post sounds so familiar! I swear we're almost living twin lives!! - although my two children are grown.. hahaha - I did "the wife thing" at the firm a couple of weeks ago - and the gift I bought the Hubs FINALLY arrived this weekend (whew!)

Have a terrific week!!

LDswims said...

Ugh, same-pound-itis sucks! It'll go away though. Your control at the potlucks was amazing!

I still have a few more gifts to buy, too. One of them...for a dear friend...we have no idea what to get her. Time is running out and I'm getting worried! I think our problem is that we want to spend more on her than we have the budget nothing appeals. Ya know what I mean?

Ronnie said...

Sounds like you did well at the potlucks! I'm sure next week you'll be in onederland! :)