Friday, December 17, 2010

Week In Review

Overall, I feel pretty good about the week.  Up until yesterday I didn't really feel like I overate.  Unfortunately, I've entered the land of potlucks. We had one at work yesterday, we're going to one tonight and we have one tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong.  I love potlucks.  You get an ecclectic mix of foods from lasagna to enchiladas, meatballs of every variety, 18 different kinds of chips with corresponding dips, 6 different kinds of humus with the pita bread of course.  Then there's the desserts... cakes, pies, streudels, cookies (Oh my!  The cookies alone - sugar, gingerbread, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip w/little andes mints in them...ah. The possibilities...).  Put all of these delectable confections in one room and it's where nutrition goes to die.  Don't get me wrong.  I certainly have done better than in years past but it was still ugly.  I still have such a hard time saying no to such goodies.  Honestly, if I can get through this week without gaining, I'll call it a success.

On the activity front.  PITIFUL.  I didn't go to the gym once this week.  The trip to the playground?  Delayed by unruly children, stomach bugs and an ear infection (all concerning 3 different people).  I just couldn't seem to get off my lazy bum to do much of anything this week. 

As far as the water goes - CHECK.  That's the only thing I've been good about.  At my work gift exchange, I received one of those Starbucks tumblers for cold drinks.  It's a 16 oz cup with the straw and everything...keeps water SUPER cold which is nice.  But I know if I drink 4 of them, I've hit my water goal each day and doing it this way has it made it surprisingly easy. 

Fast food?  CHECK.  No fast food for me this week.  I might have Subway on Sunday...I think it was Sunday but out of all the fast food places in the world, this one just isn't that bad.

So I'm 2 for 4 on what I wanted to be consistently doing every day.  This isn't acceptable by any means.  The most immediate threat are these goal?  Just not to gorge myself on everything in sight.  Make the best choice of the options and only eat ONCE.  Do SOMETHING active this weekend.  ANYTHING.  Doesn't matter what it is...just get out and DO something.  Then Monday...back to the gym.  I've got to get back to the freakin' gym.  I don't know why this has been so difficult.  I had gotten into such a good groove and actually was enjoying going and then POOF!  That motivation and drive has just dissipated into thin air.  Gotta get this back.  I know people who've lost weight having never been to the gym.  They walk, they run, they do exercise videos, they hike.  This is all well and good and I want to do all these things too.  However, obviously if left to my own devices, I won't do diddly.  I think I need a gym to stay on track...make the fitness a priority.  By actually having to GO, somehow I'm more likely to do it then if I have the option to "do it when I get home."  Then I get home and I see other things I should be doing and I get distracted.  Of course, right now...I haven't done anything at home OR at the gym so maybe it's all just excuses. 

My oldest has an ear infection.  Poor thing.  I can tell it's really hurting her...took her the doctor yesterday and she's now on antibiotics.  This is her fourth ear infection this year.  Doc said if they hit 6, they refer out to an ENT.  I'm hoping we don't have to go through all that.  She's 5...seems a little old for tubes or something.  My youngest has a doctor's appointment today for her 3 year check up.  She has to get a shot, of course.  Seems like until they're 4, they're always getting shots for something.  Regardless of how you feel about vaccinations (NOT a debate I'd like to get into), we can all agree that it sucks to get a shot.  My oldest has her last soccer game tomorrow morning.  Thank God!  I think I could handle a kid who just isn't good at sports but her general lack of concern over the ball that is actually rolling OVER her foot drives me absolutely crazy!  Already at age 5, she's more concerned with her hair and outfit than actually playing the game.  I don't think I see soccer in her future.  It was a nice noncompetitive way to introduce her to the game and it wasn't too expensive to find out she has no interest whatsoever in the sport.  Her sister, however, is gonna love it.  She's already pretty good at kicking the ball around.  I think we're going to sign my oldest up for swimming next.  She's a pretty good little swimmer.  She learned at age 2 and LOVES it.  And of course, she'd love to be able to swim in the winter.  So we'll see about that.

With that, I leave you with a Friday Funny...


Amanda said...

I am awful at getting my water in! AWFUL! Sorry about the ear infection. I had plenty of those as a child. I am 100% behind swimming although I don't do it now..but I will! I swam all the way through college and coached, taught lessons and was a life guard. It was a different kind of competition and I loved it most of the time. Single gratification. Thanks for all the comments on my blog..I am doing so much better but it has thrown me more then I expected!

amandakiska said...

My oldest is a soccer fiend, but my youngest did things like run from side to side on the lines. She had no idea what she was supposed to be doing. She told me once that if the opposing player looked like she really wanted the ball, she'd just let her have it. Too funny!

The holidays are a hard time for all of between the business and extra food. It sounds like you are doing really well, all things considered.

Sam said...

Sounds like you have had quite a week!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Busy, busy week!! Wow.. I'm sorry to hear about your little ones ear infection. One thing that helped (along with antibiots) was rice in a sock.. Now before you laugh, just hear me out! Put about a cup of rice in a (clean - haha) sock, tie up the open end. Microwave it for about a minute or two and let your little one put the warm rice on the infected ear - it is comforting, and relieves the pain...

I love how different your little women are!! Enjoy every glorious and blessed minute of them!