Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tracking Update - Day 3

Hoo Doggy!  I can take in a ridiculous amount of calories.  Thought I had been doing so well.

Day 1 - Calories - Check
             Water - Check
              Activity - No Check
              No Fast Food - Check

Day 2 - Calories - No Check - Holy calorie balls Batman!  I went a little nuts yesterday.  WAY overshot my calorie goal and it wasn't pretty.
             Water - Check
             Activity - No Check - really?
             No Fast Food - Check

Day 3 - Calories - MUCH better than yesterday but still unacceptable.  Darn people who offer you free muffins.  Like I need muffins!  I know, I know.  No one was holding a gun to my heading FORCING me to eat the muffin.  Must work on saying NO.
             Water - Halfway there
             Activity - Not yet - will definitely do this after work today.  Thinking the treadmill at home
             No Fast Food - Check

So there you have it.  I couldn't even go 3 days without seriously going off plan.  But in a BIG way, I stayed on plan by logging what I ate.  I owned up to it.  I didn't hide it.  I didn't pretend it didn't happen.  So that, in itself, is a small victory.  The real victory will come with the changes I make.  I'm a work in progress....and I think the progress is moving right along.


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Keep writing! I'm writing WITH you - you've inspired me! Honesty is a tough one, but it helps me to see exactly what is going into my pie hole - and I'm not liking what I'm reading in my journal! We'll get there! It's a marathon, not a sprint!

amandakiska said...

I've had days where I ate 1,700+ calories and sometimes those were the weeks with the biggest losses. I know I can't eat like that everyday, but I also know splurges can fit into a healthy diet. All things in moderation, right?

The holidays always include so much extra food. Practically every time you turn around there's a plate of cookies or some candies or something. It is hard. I know you're doing a good job facing it and you'll come out at the end in better shape for it.

Jess said...

Just pick yourself up and dust off and start again! You can do this.

LDswims said...

Tracking can be amazing! Glad you feel like you are learning from it!

I'd be curious what a ridiculous amount of calories is. It might not actually be that bad...

Phil said...

Say it with me...."No"...and again, "NO". Once more...."No, No, No, NO, NOOOOOOOO".

Muffins are the enemy and should be treated like Al Queda...unless they're blueberry muffins, in which case....I understand. lol.....but still "No!"

Bonnie said...

I agree that tracking alone is a victory. I usually track until I eat something "bad" then I stop. Not a great way to make progress.