Monday, October 11, 2010

Personal Victory

Happy Columbus Day to one and all.  Being Italian, I have a special place in my heart for Columbus...regardless of that whole Marco Polo and the Vikings came here first thing.  And aside from that whole brutally murdered millions of Native Americans thing.  Alas...I am working today.  I think most people who don't work for their respective state or federal governments or a bank are working today.  Here's the irony...I work for a bank.  However, I don't deal with customers and I need next Monday off so I came in today to a nice and practically empty office and decided to start my day with a blog.  So there ya go. BFF who is doing the 3 Day with me and became my gym buddy ('cause she's just awesome like that) got sick last week and bailed on our 8 mile training walk on Saturday.  So...I had several conversations with myself that I will recount to you now.  At the time she texted me and told me she couldn't go I had this conversation:

Me:  Self, if she's not going, we shouldn't go either...I mean, it sucks doing a short walk by yourself much less a long 8 mile one in which you will probably collapse and die on the side of the road somewhere because you were dumb enough to try it by yourself.
Self: You'll have a cell phone to call 911 if you think you're going to die.  I think you're just making excuses and you need to come up with a Plan B.
Me: *sigh*  FINE.

So Plan B is what I did.  I hopped on and mapped out an 8 mile course throughout my neighborhood.  So then my alarm went off at 4:45 the next morning and I proceeded to have yet another conversation with myself.

Me:  Self, It's so freakin' early.  I actually have an opportunity to sleep in for a change and I really want to start this walk at 5 a.m. like I always do???  I don't think so.
Self:  Don't be a wuss.  Get up and do the damn walk.
Me:  I really don't want to do the walk.  It's going to take me like 3 hours.  I'm tired and I have the perfect opportunity since I'm doing it alone to not do it at all.
Self:  If you're that tired, set your alarm for 5:45 and take another hour.  But GET UP AND DO THE DAMN WALK!
Me:  *sigh*  FINE.

So that's what I did.  I got up and out of the house by 6 a.m. and did my 8 mile walk.  Not only did I do my 8 miles but I did it in 2 hours and 20 minutes!!!  For those of you doing the math, that is a 7 mile pace not an 8 mile pace.  I did the first 4 miles in 1:04 which is a personal best for me.  I'm usually lucky to be hitting the 20 minute mile mark so I feel fantastic.  For the first time since I've gotten this band and started working out, I am truly feeling very proud of myself.  Not only did I conquer the mental part of getting my arse out of bed and doing the walk at all...but to do it in that kind of time was really just fantastic for me.  It's a HUGE personal victory that I hope is a sign of things to come.  How was I feeling Sunday you ask?  S O R E.  My feet hurt pretty badly Saturday afternoon.  Sunday, my feet were OK but my hips hurt.  I thought that was a weird place to be sore.  Once I was up and moving, I was OK...just hurt when I sat around and stiffened up.  Meanwhile, I got my house cleaned up and dinner made yesterday so it was all good. 

So how did the scale reward me this morning?  It didn't.  I'm still at 210.  8 miles and absolutely no loss whatsoever.  This was on top of the other two days I spent at the gym this week doing the elliptical and a step class.  I wanted to throw my scale out the window at first but then I thought about it.  Did my doctor not say that any weight loss in the first 6 to 8 weeks was just a bonus until the band is properly adjusted?  And didn't my doctor say he recommends not weighing yourself at all during this time as to not get discouraged?  And did my doctor not say that without the band properly adjusted, it's no different than being on any other diet?  Yes, he did.  He said all those things.  I've just been obsessive about the scale.  The fact is my band has very little fill in it and it shows.  I can eat anything with 2 small exceptions and I can eat almost as much as I want of them.  While I've been trying to stay on the right portions, I know I haven't been eating the right STUFF and that's more important than anything.  So, discouraged?  Yes but not with some mythical scale demon that is forcing it to stay where it is.  I'm discouraged with myself and bad decisions.  The beauty of that is I can change it.  I know what my opportunities are and I can make different decisions to get that scale to move so it's certainly not a plateau where I know I'm doing everything right and it just refuses to move.  I know I could do better and I will.  One the bright side, I have a doc appointment this Thursday to hopefully get my first fill and start feeling some of that sweet restriction everyone keeps talking about it.  Hope y'all are having a happy Monday and a productive Columbus Day (you know...despite all the savage Native American murders and all that).


~ Katie ~ said...

High five to you! I would have just stayed at home :)

Amy W. said...

I think that is just amazing. I have a friend training for a half marathon, and while I was doing my 2 miles yesterday, I thought of those who do 8 (that's what she is up too). I thik you are awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can change and you will...ummm, you did. You went out on that walk by yourself. That certainly sounds like a woman on a mission. I, too, have allowed the scale to interfere with my happiness...but you seem to know what you've done and don't'll learn from this. I'm still marvelling over the 8 mile yourself. That's a NSV if I ever heard of one.

amandakiska said...

You're a rock star! I know the weight loss will catch up with all your hard work before you know it!

Phil said...

Nicely done on the walking - i still struggle to make 4 miles per hour when walking briskly. That was damn early in the morning for an 8-mile walk, and it's good to see you have to reason with your self like i do...the main differene is that i win more arguments than i lose (against myself) these days, so i tend to get more done in the way of exercise.

Maria said...

Nice job on the 8-mile walk! And Happy Columbus Day from a fellow Italian ;)

Amanda said...

8 miles!!! That is awesome!!! Good for you for talking yourself into waking back up for the walk! I totally would have gone back to bed and stayed there! Heck I have a work out planned in 30 minutes and the first thing I did when I woke up this morning is think of an excuse to skip! GOOD GIRL!

Patrick said...

Look at you go - 8 - aweome job Manda. Whoa, 7 mile pace - 2x awesome!