Monday, October 25, 2010

12 miles - Check, 10 miles - Ummmm

12 Miles on Saturday - Check

10 Miles on Sunday - Not so much.  I did the 12.  Somewhere before mile 5, cue the trip on big rock and scrape my knee and turn my ankle (the one without the heel pain.  Mile 7, cue the heel pain. Mile 10, cue the "my feet are going to fall off pain."  Sunday morning - cue the I'm too stiff to move and I can barely hobble on the heel. 

Excuses?  Maybe but Sunday just wasn't gonna happen.  So it didn't.  I'm still happy with the 12 mile walk.  It's the first I've made it into double digit mileage and I didn't just hit double digits, I drove right into them.  So I feel good about that.  The idea was to do a back to back to get a feel for doing high mileage a couple days in a row.  To be honest though, at this point, I can either do that or I can't.  If I can't...I'm not sure I need to know that before the walk because I could very well play a nasty psychological game with myself and quit the 3 day before I start.  This was supposed to be the last weekend of training walks before the big event.  We were taking a couple weeks off the walking (and just focus on conditioning) to avoid any injury and still be prepared.  Since I didn't do the back to back.  I'm going to do one more training walk next week - 8 miles probably around my neighborhood just to feel good about it and then I'll take the weekend before off.  I really do think I can do this without a back to back training weekend.  So there you have it.

Weigh in Day - 208.  It's water.  I know it's water.  I ate like crap over the weekend but I didn't eat a whole lot of it.  Seems after a long walk like this, I always retain some water so I'll take the 208 and am guessing as I drink more and improve my habits this week, that number will go down.  My heel?  Great googly moogly!  It hurts.  It really hurts.  I got some new shoes, some new insoles and plantars fasciitis contraption to help.  And it does seem to help a little but oh my.  I'm not sure what I can do about this other than grin and bear it at this point.  I'll do the best I can and hope that it's good enough.  I'm just gonna have to walk through the pain I think.  If it still kills a couple weeks after the big walk, then I'll go see a doctor for it.  Until then, I'm suckin' it up!

Weekend otherwise was good.  My daughter had soccer.  Wow...kindergarten soccer just isn't all that exciting is it?  The kids seem more concerned with water breaks than learning how to dribble.  Their first game is this Saturday...we'll see how it goes.  My daughter enjoys it and that's the main point but I don't think we'll sign up for this particular program again next year.  We'll see.  Had dinner with friends Saturday night.  It was delicious and made from a healthy cookbook so I don't feel bad about it at all.  We played "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" on the Wii and, not surprisingly, I am not smarter than a 5th grader but I could kick a 3rd grader's ass in this game!  LOL.  Sunday was somewhat wasted as I could barely move.  We sat around, bought some things for my youngest daughter's birthday party (at the end of November) and generally just hung out as a family.  Eating could be better and I'm definitely recommitted this week.  I'm also going to try to hit the gym at least 2 days this week.  Resting all last week didn't appear to help one bit with the heel pain so I'm done with that.  I'll probably stick to the elliptical as it's lower impact and avoid the step class but otherwise gotta get back on the activity wagon.  Hope y'all had a good weekend and happy Monday to ya!


Patrick said...

This post has success all over it. Corner to corner, you have succeeded! Saturday & Sunday. A year ago, or two - you pic, would you have been out there trying for back to back 10+ mile days? or even out there? You know the answer to that. Whether you finished on Sunday or not I'd say is not what matters in the grand perspective of Manda. What matters is who you've become since that day you decided to get healthy. There will be more Sunday's, and more days where you will have to say googly moogly... but it is all good when put in perspective.

Have a great week!

Nikki said...

Girl, you are ROCKIN IT! :) 10+ miles of walking? I had to MAKE myself do just one meazley mile on the treadmill on Saturday. I'm so jealous ;)

Hope your heel feels better!

Gen said...

Wow great job on the walking! So sorry you have had problems with PF in your foot - I had this before and after losing weight. It totally sucks. Putting inserts in my shoes designed for PF helped, and so did Pilates - actually the yoga-like moves like Downward Dog, which stretched it out. Make sure you stretch before and after walking. Hope it goes away soon!

Phil said...

Sincerely well done on that 12-miler. That is some going, and i can defintely understand why you were feeling it on the sunday. I think with all the calories burned during the walking you did, eating a bit of crap won't do you any harm. Hope the healing comes sooner rather than later manda and when you do the 3-day i assume you will have lots of other folks around you and that will spur you on and make grinning and bearing it that little bit easier.

Many thanks for your comment today - sometimes we go through weeks where everything just goes to pot, and others when nothing can faze us - i just had one of the former, but am going to make the coming week one of the latter. ;o)

amandakiska said...

5 year olds playing sweet. I remember my daughter telling me that sometimes if an opposing player looked like they REALLY wanted the ball, she'd let them have it so they wouldn't be sad. Needless to say, she didn't win many games!

Bonnie said...

My daughter tried soccer a few years ago and it didn't take. I was kind of glad because it seems like soccer (like most other sports, I guess) gets so competitive as the kids get older. Glad you are not being too hard on yourself about Sunday. If you pushed through, you might have injured yourself. I can't imagine walking as much as you are with your heel pain. I try to stay away from "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" because it makes me feel so stupid. :)

Gina said...

I did the 3-day a couple of years ago with my mom; great experience, but challenging. Mentally & physically. Suggestions; bring more than one pair of tennis shoes. Break in your new shoes if at all possible. Your feet will most likely swell so if you have a pair a bit bigger save for days 2 & 3. If you feel a blister (hot spot) coming on, stop & fix it at the medical tent before it becomes full blown. If you own an Ipod dock (one of the little ones) & can rig it to bring along (someone did by using a fanny pack backwards) it helps. They didn't let us use ipods in our ears as it was a hazard. There'll be plenty of snacks along the way, make sure to eat. As soon as you make it back if you want a soda, go get one, then shower & dinner (or dinner & then shower) as they go fast!! Hope you have a blast & just put one foot in front of the other when it feels like you've been walking & walking & walking...distract yourself with conversation! Good LUCK!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

12 MILES???? Are you KIDDING me??? That is absolutely fantastic - and I am GREEN with envy!! Wow - I am just so impressed... You're the BEST! Just make sure you get that heel checked - don't want that to slow you down!!

Your weekend sounded wonderful, and I loved when the kids did those soccer and t-ball kinds of things... maddening, but oh so FUN!! Enjoy every blessed second of it!