Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Wish Wednesday

I haven't done Drazil's Wednesday blog before so we'll see how we do with it...

I wish I had more mental strength.  Seriously...I get surgery to get a band to help cut portions.  That still doesn't change what I'm putting into my goddamn mouth!!!  I remember reading on lapbandtalk and blogs about people who get the band and even before their first fill, they're hitting up McDonalds or Taco Bell or downing oreos.  I remember judging this people (Bad Panda!) and thinking "Why would you do that?!?!  Why would you go through all the trouble to have surgery just to keep eating like you always did?!?!"  Well, you can add me to the list of crazy people who do this.  I have been eating like crap this week and just can't seem to shake it!  My portions are too big (I know I'm eating more than the cup to cup 1/2) and it's the wrong stuff! 

I wish I had more energy.  This stems from the last one...I know if I ate the right stuff, I'd feel better and have more energy but I'm not, so I don't and there you have it.  I wish I had the energy to hit the gym, cook dinner, play with the kids AND clean my house.  I wish I had the energy to do some fall projects, maybe make some Halloween cookies or crafts with the girls.  I wish I had the energy to reorganize my closet and finally finish my laundry room.  We moved in over a year ago and this is still the miscellaneous-crap-I-have-nowhere-else-to-put-it room.

I wish I had a closer family.  You know one of those always meets for Sunday dinners kind of family.  The ones who call just to chat, the kind you want to spend holidays with, the kind you actually want to take with you on vacation even after you all have your own kids.  This is not my family.  We all get along fine - with a few in law type exceptions.  My hubby loves my parents but not the siblings which makes it impossible to do anything as a group.  My sister lives cross country and my brother is going through a difficult divorce so things are just so BLAH in that area.  My in laws are even worse so there's no lovey dubby type vibes coming from the Midwest. 

I wish the lady who sits next to me who, despite being a nonsmoker, seems to hack up a lung at least 3 times a day, would just knock it the hell off!  I don't know what her deal is but seriously...she has cough drops in her desk at all times..why would someone need this?  Maybe she should go seek a professional medical opinion instead of relying on the Halls of Medicine to solve the problem.  I have sat next this woman for 2 years (very nice...had gastric bypass - but she doesn't know about my surgery - and is now one of those annoyingly fit aerobics instructors) and she has had a chronic cough for both of those years.  ENOUGH ALREADY!

OK.  I guess that about sums up what I'm wishing for here.  I have step class tonight...surely, I'll start getting better at them right?  It's not just the coordination that isn't coming along, it's the cardio part.  I seriously feel like I'm dying halfway through.  I also have a packing clinic tonight for the 3 Day.  It's hard to believe I only have 37 days until the big event!  I still have so much work to do.  They only allow you take one bag and it can't be more than 35 lbs and that's including your sleeping bag.  Egad!!!  How do you fit everything?  Hence, the clinic.  There's supposed to be volunteers and veterans at this clinic to give you tips and hints on how and WHAT to pack.  Looking forward to it...need to start preparing.  My BFF mapped out our next training walk for Saturday - 8.8 miles!  Holy shin splints Batman!  If I survive, I'll post our finishing time on Monday.  Hope y'all are having a great week!


~ Katie ~ said...

I just clicked on the Susan G Komen link...I didn't know we had the same last name!! awesome!

This 60 mile walk sounds way too cool and scary...I wish I had known about it sooner- maybe next year :)

I have a co worker who is always hacking up a lung and I was finally like, you wouldn't do that if you stopped smoking. He said he didn't!

Phil said...

Having a bad day Manda? lol

You're being pretty hard on yerself there - breathe, take a minute, have a glass of wine, put your feet up, get a good night's sleep...and then tomorrow, try again.

And seriously, what's with the coughing aerobics instructor?! ;o)

Bonnie said...

Your wish #1 is the perfect reason why people can't judge unless they are totally in the other person's shoes. Kudos for calling yourself out. You are kicking ass with exercise. Congrats for having such a major goal.

Gillion said...
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Patrick said...

You know what wishes are? Opportunities. I know, can I be any simpler in my view point. Probably not. But am I wrong? I too have a wish, that turning opportunity into accomplishment were always simple. But, it is not; not here on earth anyhow. That which is truly desired, wished for, usually takes great effort to achieve. If you believe that, accept that, then you have what it takes to go do that which is hard. And manda, I believe you do. You taken bold steps in getting the band, in blogging beautifully. And you threw me a batman reference and I got a huge smile from it. Your wishes, go gett'em!