Thursday, September 23, 2010


Remember that game?  They still make it.  My girls got it for Christmas and they absolutely love it!  Anyway, back to the point.  I am freaking hungry!  I am starving, withering away to practically nothing.  OK.  That may have been an exaggeration but I am stomach growling, shaky hands hungry.  I still feel some restriction somewhat in that I can't eat as much in one sitting, but I'm hungry only an hour or two later.  At least that's how it's been today.  I know this is the beginning of bandster hell and I've been expecting it but I thought it'd be more gradual.  I suppose seeing how it's been 5 weeks, that IS gradual.  But I've gone from fine yesterday to ready to knock over a Wendy's and demand 8 spicy chicken combos.  Go figure.  So I'm muddling through.  I did face the music on Tuesday and I didn't gain any weight on my trip.  I weighed again today (because I'm a scale whore and that's how scale whores roll) and I've lost another pound.  18 lbs total so far.  Can't awhine about that.  I went to step class last night.  It was freakin' hard!  But I did it with several modifications during the hour long class but I did it.  I didn't just stop or give up so that's good.  It combines step with weights so my arms a touch sore but in a good way.  The one thing I just can't seem to do is stand on one foot and bend my knee while doing bicep curls.  Am I the only one who just can't balance like that???  Jeezaloo!  Even though I thought I was going to die midthrough, I lived to tell you about it today.  There was one girl in the class who is really good with all the moves and stuff.  She came up to me at the end and said the modifications I was doing were really good and that it gets easier the more you do it.  Thought that was really nice of her. 

That's about it for me.  Not incredibly exciting here this week.  It's not like I'm going to...oh...I don't know...CHICAGO...or anything.  Hope you ladies have a wonderful time!  Can't wait to see the pictures!


amandakiska said...

I always wanted that game. Maybe I should get it for my kids.

You are doing great! Keep lots of healthy snacks on hand. I like cheese sticks, Premier Nutricion protein drinks (from Costco), Greek yogurt, Fibre One bars, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, 1/2 sandwhich, etc. When you are hungry, EAT! There's nothing wrong with eating when you're hungry.

LDswims said...

I loved that game!

Hang in'll get through bandster hell soon. In the meantime, you can do five or six smaller meals. Plan on snacks and plan for protein - that should help. Before you know it, it'll be over with, that I can promise.

That's awesome that you pushed through the step class last night. Way to go!

Patrick said...

Nope, no whinning; not about 18 lbs total so far. And no 8 Wendy's anything. You don't derseve to treat yourself wrong with fast food or any food that will leave you worse off than the hunger you experienced before eating it. Hungry Hippos is a game, youare for real; have fun!

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I am cracking up about your photo. That is HI-LARIOUS.

Bandster hell sucked but I usually shut it up with grilled chicken or something dense to plug up the hole. :)

And 18 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. You're doing great!

Lynne said...

18 lbs. is fantabulous! :) Protein shakes always soothe my hunger pains, or ice chips seam to help also. You can get through this! Look how far you've made it already!

Phil said...

"stand on one foot and bend my knee while doing bicep curls"...that does sound like a particularly difficult exercise to perform. My balance ain't great either but well done on the hour-long step class. I think cardio, with a hint of resistance work is the way to go too, especially in the first months of losing weight.

In terms of the hunger pains i would have to agree with something, just make it a healthy something. I quite often have a fresh fruit salad or a couple of ryvita crackers with peanut butter on if i'm really hungry an hour or so before bed.

Well done on the 18 too.

Canadian Bird said...

ROFL... GREAT comic... so true. And that game! We had it when I was younger. Fun, but LOUD!!! :)

Bandster hell sucks! I've had it for a LONG time b/c I have a large band. I've been feeling restriction now for about a month & a half now. Just starting to train my brain to ask for smaller portions b/c I still see myself as HUNGRY, but then can't eat it all or get stuck.
So, EAT... just make the right choices (easier said than done sometimes)! :)
Robin at Band on the Run