Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team Name?

Hello all!  So my friend and I are forming a team for the 3 Day in November but we need a team name.  I am drawing a complete blank on this!  Anyone have any suggestions?  Here's what I've got so far...

Think Pink
T & A – Here for the T! (LOL! Gross!)
Dreamin’ in Pink
Team Knockers
Hot Steppers
Bosom Buddies
3 Day or BUST!
Walking Warriors

What do you think of these?  Any opinions or suggestions are welcome.  Have a great day!


Carmen said...

I like "Team Knockers"!!!

carla said...

I like Team Knockers too :-)

Amy W. said...

When we walked on Halloween for breast cancer we were Team Boo-Bees...and we had little name tags with different Bee names. My bosses name is Susan...she was Sue Bee. I was Bay-Bee...

I also like Team Tits. Simple. Elegant!

Girl Bandit said...

LOL Amy...I like Team Knockers too

MandaPanda said...

You crack me up Amy! Thanks for the feedback ladies!

JustLynda said...

Team Knockers, for sure!

Miss Tori said...

How about Bosom Besties? I've seen many people (well, mostly from Australia) use the word bestie to describe their best friend.

Or Tits for Tots? Especially if you have kids that may be walking with you (like in strollers).

Or Itty Bitty Titty Society? (if applicable)

Good luck with the walk!