Friday, February 12, 2010

Love & Liquid Diets

Happy Friday everyone!  Some of you have been so kind as to ask how my husband is doing on his liquid diet.  Well, since it's almost Valentine's Day, I suppose I can devote a post to my hubby.  We are in month 3 and, in my opinion, he's doing very well.  He averages about 3 out of 4 weeks a month doing VERY well.  The weekends are just super tough as the kids and I are home and eating around him or on the go and eating out.  This makes it more difficult to stick to.  It's important to keep in mind that his plan involves NO food...just the shakes, sugar free pudding and jello.  That's it.  No salads, no veggies, no fruits, etc.  So....that being said, I think only eating on the weekends is really good.  Also, when he does "cheat", he cheats on salads, soups, lean protein, etc.  We also both take one day right after our weigh in and have a "eat whatever we want" day.  Right or wrong, it seems to help us feel human again.  He's feeling a bit discouraged right now as he doesn't have much energy and generally isn't feeling all that well.  I'm sure he'll push through though.  I've attempted to do his diet for a mere week last month and seriously couldn't stick with it.  I can't imagine how he's doing it all this time and I'm just so proud of him.

Also, keeping in the theme, I'll take this opportunity to tell you all why I love him so much.  He cracks me up.  I can handle almost anything in a person but if you don't have a sense of humor, I'd rather just not deal with you.  My husband is freakin' hilarious.  He also understands that I love being a mom but I need time.  He's always willing to give me a girls' night out.  He sent me flowers every month the first year we dated.  He remembered my birthday even when I forgot.  He always knows what movie or show to tell me an actor is in so I'll know who he's talking about (I'm just horrible with actor names).  He understands my obsession with Matthew McConaughey and Garth Brooks and would understand if I cheated on him with either of these men.  He thinks I'm beautiful even though I have my doubts.  When I told him I wanted this surgery, he was nothing but supportive.  He's a super involved Dad who loves playing with our daughters and hanging out as a family.  And even though he doesn't think Men In Tights is one of the funniest movies ever, he still has pretty good taste and even lets me have the remote control most of the time.  I think this sums it up nicely.

Not a whole lot going on this weekend.  We got the girls a little something for Valentine's Day but it's no biggie for us.  We're saving our money for our trip in March.  For everyone else...have a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Jenny said...

:) Your DH sounds sweet! I think having a "cheating" day is normal. Everything in moderation!

Bonnie said...

The liquid diet sounds like torture. Give him a pat on the back from me. And I agree that controlled cheating - especially on such a strict plan - is totally understandable. Have a great valentine's weekend.

Girl Bandit said...

You sound like you are both really happy...I love that!!!! That diet of his sounds really hard. How much has he lost???

THE DASH! said...

What a gorgeous man you have - sounds like it's your turn for some heavy TLC especially with Valentine's coming up. :)