Monday, October 19, 2015


PreOp Diet Weigh In: 226
Surgery Day Weigh In: 218.5
Day 103 Weigh In: 198.5
Change Since Weigh In: -2.5

I'm back in Onederland!  I've missed being here!  I was nervous about getting on the scale despite my food being on target last week, but I was rewarded for being kind to myself.  It's so nice moving in this direction and it's motivated me for the week ahead!

Hubby and I are throwing a Halloween party.  We spent the weekend buying decorations, menu planning and getting our costumes.  My oldest daughter wanted a family theme this year.  We do this from time to time.  When the girls were real little, we were a royal family.
More recently, we were all super heroes.
This year, we're pirates.  Should be fun!


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Shelley said...

Congratulations!!! Onederland is such a pleasant place to be. :) said...

I was just rereading my blog and found my stats at around 100 days post op and our stats are almost identical. I know that you have worried about slow weigh loss but I'm at 11 months and I'm only 10 pounds overweight now. Slow and steady really does pay off so don't get discouraged. Just keep on keeping on. Cute costumes!
Happy Halloween,
(I normally don't make comparisons but I thought it might help to see where slow weight loss gets you.)

Catherine55 said...

Way to go!! Welcome back to Onederland!!