Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cross Stitch and Doctor

It's been a week of cross stitching and doctors.

I'm making progress and really enjoying my new hobby.  It's coming along and I've ordered tiny stockings kit to make stockings to go with the Christmas cookies I give out this year.

I took my oldest daughter for a consultation with an oral surgeon yesterday.  She has braces (her teeth are all kinds of messed up) and the orthodontist suggested this guy.  I liked him and he was pretty good with her.  We need to extract her last 2 baby teeth on the bottom and help the 2 adult teeth on top come down.  Poor kid.  I scheduled it for 11/6 and got the estimated cost of $300. Bah.

I have a doctor's appointment today with a primary care physician to talk about my arm. all my gracefulness I told you about falling off the stairclimber TWICE last month.  Well, that last one really hurt.  Both of my arms are still sore but my right arm is a little worse.  I get a shooting pain between my shoulder and elbow when I rotate my upper arm.  I've given it a month and it's not improving so figured it was time to see the doc and see what's what.  Fingers crossed that it just needs more time to heal.

I'm batting around quitting the gym and joining a crossfit gym instead.  I don't want to do anything until I get the OK from the doc though because I don't want to risk injuring the arm more than it already is.  My old gym stuff isn't working.  I just can't seem to get motivated to get there.  My neighbor belongs to a crossfit gym and has offered to bring me to "Bring a Friend" day.  I think I'll take her up on it and see what it's all about.

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BandedIceGirl said...

Ooh I love cross stitching, but do to school and work I have no time for it