Friday, October 23, 2015

Doc Update

I saw my primary care physician yesterday for my arm.  A couple notes about this:

  • I haven't had a primary care physician since moving to FL so about 3 years.
  • Prior that, I had only seen my PCP to get a referral to my lapband doc who I had already been seeing for a year.
  • I had been spending so much time at bariatric docs and gynecologists that I really didn't see the need for a PCP.
Given all that, this is Hubby's PCP who he likes a lot so I decided to give him a try.  I liked him.  He actually listened, was personable and doesn't seem to order tests for the sake of ordering tests.

All that to say, he says I have a torn muscle.  He said most likely I have a small tear in my left arm that's contributing to soreness and a bigger torn muscle on my right arm which is causing the shooting pain.  
All I can do is rest it.  He said it'll probably take a couple months to fully heal and he said it's like the old joke "Doc, it' hurts when I do this."  "Don't do that."  He said pay attention to twinges and find different ways of doing it so it doesn't hurt.  He said there's good pain (feel the burn) and bad pain and this is definitely bad pain.  So there ya go.

This weekend is going to be a cleaning weekend.  Our Halloween party is next Friday so I need the house spic and span.  We have a cleaning lady coming on Tuesday to give it a good scrubbing but I want to get as much clean before that as I can as I'm paying her by the hour.

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