Friday, October 9, 2015

New Hobby

I think I'm going to take up cross stitching.  My Grandma Irma (The "A" Grandma) used to cross stitch and was very good.  She tried teaching me when I was 8 and it didn't quite take.  I probably still have a 3 inch half finished apple pattern somewhere.  I ordered a kit for a Christmas ornament and it arrived yesterday.  After finishing my homework, I organized my thread and began to work on it.  It all came flooding back!  Once I figured out how to start, it was easy peasy.  Organizing the threat took the longest because they gave me enough thread to do any number of designs so I have more thread than I need for the design I chose.  I found it surprisingly relaxing and it relieved a little stress from the day.  I think this could be good.

Why was I stressed.  They announced lay offs at work yesterday.  My job is safe for now but that group's work is getting pushed on me and my chances of a promotion at the end of the year just went up in smoke.  UGH.  I hate corporate America.

No big plans for the weekend.  I have accepted that my littlest dog, Roxy, isn't going to get any bigger.  The rescue we got her from thinks she's a "Pocket Beagle" so she's topping out at 13 lbs.  The trouble is the little stinker can fit through the slats of my fence.  I've ordered some deer netting that's going to solve this problem and I'm putting it up so she can roam free in the yard without having to be on her lead.  She loves being outside and I hate having to put her on a lead every time she wants to go out there.  I'd also LOVE to get a doggy door but can't do that if she can escape.  Hounds follow their noses so escape is imminent.

Don't let this cuteness fool you.  She's a pita!
I tend to laugh at things rather than cry over them.  In that light, please don't be offended by my Friday Funny given the circumstances.

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